I have a little decorating job coming up, so that required a trip to Home Goods.

I got this picture off their site:
Style At Home
I love that rug.
If I would have seen it today it would have gone in my shopping cart! So it's probably a good thing I didn't see it!

One of the great things about my trip today is that I got to go

Marcus had Katie and they made a trip to Cabela's. Katie told me she went to the "animal store". Cabela's has tons of stuffed animals. The real kind, not the cute cuddly kind.

Marcus was sweet to take her and even sweeter to buy her this log cabin kit:

But the sweetest thing of all is that he got me a candle there too! This is one of my faves! Country Store by McCall's Country Candles.

This is the description of the scent:
McCall's has packaged the signature notes of a country store! A tangy blend of rosehips, oranges, apples, cinnamon and spices.

It kind of makes my house smell like fall, which I am totally ready for, by the way!


Mallorie said...

Oh Cabelas. I can't wait to take Miss Emma Claire some day! And I have yet to see a rug that cute at our Home Goods. I LOVE homegoods but I have yet to find a cute rug there. Which is such a shame because they have GREAT prices!

Staci said...

I need that rug! And the candle. And for temp to drop to about 55.

Leslie said...

I wish we had a Home Goods near me. Maybe that is a good thing.

Ashley Tremaine said...

It sounds like I would love that candle as well...anything Fall is WONDERFUL!! Did you go to the Home Goods in Dallas? I didn't know if there was one closer to FTW. And that rug is GORGEOUS!! :)