1260 Miles!

We went to El Paso this weekend to see some family and friends!  

And we drove!   
Even though El Paso is in Texas and we are in Texas, it is still 
 630 miles away!

 It took 11.5 hours to get there, partly due to this blow out we got at the beginning of our trip!

 And partly due to a 2 year old that we needed to let run around.  We also wanted to take diaper changing breaks every 2 hours.  

Katie did not sleep ONE SECOND in the car!
 On the way there or on the way back! 
BUT she was a total rock star.  She did not throw any fits or tantrums and was extremely pleasant and fun to be around the whole weekend.
 It helped that we had my sister with us to entertain her.  She loves her Aunt Kelly!

We went to visit my cousin Stacey. 
Hayden, Kelly (my sister) Gracyn, Marcus, Stacey, Katie, Me, Lucy and Kristen (my other cousin)
 My other cousin, Kristen, lives in Colorado and came down to visit at the same time.  It was fun to be all together.

Here's a tiny sneak peek into Stacey's amazing house:
 Katie and Lucy.
This is Kristen's daughter.  She will be a big sister in March!

Hayden, Lucy and Katie in the Barbie car:

While we were in town we stayed with my friend Rachael. This is the ONLY picture I got at her house.  That is ridiculous!  This is her adorable youngest child.  Katie had so much fun with him.  She also got a little violent with him a few times! He had fun toys, she didn't feel like sharing!
The 4 adults stayed up way too late giggling about funny stories. 
I need to get some cute kid pics from Rachael!

On Sunday we had a little birthday celebration for Kristen!
 Everybody had to wear a party hat...even Marcus:
 And Finneus:

Kristen with the girls!  
Katie was SO excited to have some cake and sing happy birthday!

And here's cutie Gracyn with Marcus's boots on:
We had a great time visiting everyone! 
 I was really dreading the drive.  And I was a little bit worried about how Katie would sleep and act, but it all worked out perfect!  

We had lots of people praying for a good trip and God was good to answer those prayers in abundance!


Staci said...

Welcome home! If you aren't from Texas, you just can't appreciate what a beast of a drive that is! Glad Katie did so well for y'all!

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Unknown said...

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Erin K said...

So glad your trip went great (minus the blow out). I can't believe Katie fall asleep in the car. I think I would have definitely dozed off during an 11.5 hour trip. :)