37... A Week Ago!

Marcus turned 37 last week and it had to be documented on the blog!

Marcus is 6 months younger than me, My grandma and mom are 6 months older than their hubby's too! That 's kind of a weird coincidence, huh?

Marcus was born on Labor day, September 1st 1975.

He wanted to try a BBQ restaurant about an hour away. He heard about a cute zoo in the area so we stopped there too!

It was hotter than hot!
( I can think of more clever, but inappropriate analogies.)

We rode the little train outside the zoo.
It's crazy, because the last, and the only, other time we have been to the zoo, was on my birthday!

It was a really cute zoo in Gainesville. The prices were great and it was just the right size for a 2 year old and hot sweaty parents!

I didn't get any pictures at the BBQ place, but I totally should have! A waitress passed out and Marcus had to help her. They were asking if anyone was a Dr. or nurse. I said, "no, sorry". But then remembered, duh, my husband's an EMT. He was already out of his seat when I made that revelation. Anyway, he missed the whole meal and his food was cold when he sat down again. Our meal was paid for, and that was pretty sweet!

Katie was D-O-N-E by the time we were driving home!

If she pulls her bow out, you know she means business!
We are going to be taking a SUPER long road trip later this month and this picture makes me think we are totally crazy! I need to buy a jumbo sized bottle of Nyquil for either me or her, or both!

We had to celebrate the birthday boy with family too!

My brother -in -law was having a birthday too, so we had a double party with double the cake!

Marcus likes homemade stuff, so they pink cupcakes are for him! I like bought cakes with a foot of butter cream icing on them and a pretty design. We are opposites in almost every way!

This is his sister's family. They got him a ice cream maker!

He also got some new running shoes that Katie modeled for everyone.

It was a fun weekend.
And yesterday I got to benefit from that ice cream maker, so I am glad Marcus was born!


Staci said...

Happy Birthday, Marcus! Sorry you had to miss a hot meal, but I'm sure it was worth it! Hope y'all fun at the zoo. We keep threatening tobdo that flags in with our girls one day. In waiting til it's about another 25 degrees cooler.

Amanda said...

Oh, that was so sweet for him to help that waitress. I'm sure it's just second nature to him. Not even a second thought, just stand up and help someone in need.

That will be good parenting material when Katie is a few years older, and Marcus helps someone right in front of her. :)

That pic of Katie sans bow is awesome! My advice is an iPad or DVD player for movies for your long car ride. It's really a no brainer, but we forget ours ALL the time (and regret it).

I should send you some DVD's. We have a gazillion, but the girls claim they're "too baby-ish" now. Ha!

Erin K said...

Happy birthday Marcus! I'm glad he was born too! He's always making such good food for us!

the undomesticated wife said...

I always say "it's hotter than a whore in church!" ;)

So what flavors of ice cream is he going to make first? I suggest cinnamon! Yum!

Miss G said...

What a great gift! I too love it when my husband gets gifts that I will benefit from! He got a grill for his past birthday!

That is really wild that you guys are all six months older than your husbands.

You crack me up and I love it how you guys just roll with your differences. It makes me laugh that you made pink cupcakes for your husband. Strawberry? His request?

What was the name of the bbq place?

We liked to go to one in Decatur that I'm not sure we ever knew the name but it's on the main drag and it obviously used to be a DQ and their shells and cheese are YUM! There's also a place called Clark's in Tioga that you should check out if y'all haven't been. It is super good! The brisket just by itself without any sauce even was so good I can remember it's taste now and we went like two years ago or something.