Catching Up

 I am usually a big fan of change. I don't like routine, but this new blogger set up is not my cup of tea!  I was used to the old one and I don't like reading directions, so this will take some getting used to. For those of you that don't use blogger, it is now "updated" and "better". Blah! To me  it's just harder and different. 

 So, I have ignored my blog all week and now I have to catch up.  

I started my week off with going to the dentist and the DMV in the same day.  
Who does that?  
At least Marcus had to renew his license too, so we were in it together. We didn't want to leave Katie out of the fun, so she came too. 

I downloaded some puzzles and other apps on my kindle, so she thought the DMV was lots of fun!

I am not going in chronological order. I hope that doesn't upset anyone!
Friday night we went to the Forth Worth Christian homecoming game. (Marcus's almamater) 

Katie was in awe! She still has her hand over her heart from the National Anthem that was sung 10 minutes earlier! 

This was taken at her first FWC game 2 years ago!

 Last week was "blue" day at school.  I struggled to find something blue Katie could wear.  This is the outfit I came up with and Marcus kept laughing at her because he thought it looked like something I would wear.  
He's right, I totally would.  Minus the pig tails and bow!

And this was this morning.  
Katie has her own air bag.  She really wanted to take her pink ball to Nonni's house.  
They played with the pink ball while I went and got a pedicure!  That was way more fun than the dentist and DMV!  


Staci said...

I'd totally wear Katie's blue outfit, too! (If the shirt was long enough to cover my bum!) And the pink ball pic absolutely cracked me up!

Erin K said...

Love the pic of Katie with her hand over her heart! So sweet!

Anonymous said...

That picture with her hand over her heart made me giggle when I read the caption. Too cute and too funny! That blue outfit would look great on you...think I could borrow her gray and yellow DMV shirt? It's darling!

Brooklynn said...

She is just a cutie!