I feel like it's my duty every fall to remind you about Honeycrisp Apples.  
They are super awesome. 
 You can only get them for a couple of months in the fall.  Which makes them even more appealing. 

 And I have expressed my love for Coke and donuts and anything sugar, enough for you to know that if I am singing the praises of an APPLE, it has to be yummy!

 Yesterday was the opening day of Hall's Pumpkin Farm.  
We stopped by for a second last night, but it was raining, so we didn't stay long.  This picture is from last year.  
 The Golightly's are selling delicious BBQ there, so go hungry.  The farm also has hayrides and a corn maze.  Its' a fun place to take pictures too! We will probably visit several times in the next month!

After getting soggy at the pumpkin patch, we went out to eat.  I loved this high chair.  It was cut down, so it could fit in the booth!  Katie's not quite ready for a booster seat yet.  I love the confinement of a high chair.  It's nice to have your 2 year old strapped in!
Marcus and Katie were "cheersing" their rolls.  

 Today Marcus brought home this funky pumpkin from Walmart.  
I love it!
I kind of feel like this is what my face looks like right now!  
I am a little bit perturbed that I have to use zit cream and wrinkle cream at the same time in my life!  I feel like it's counter productive.  Maybe I should quit both? 

At least the pumpkin is cute!
Happy Saturday!


Cristi Atchley said...

I am in love with honeycrisp apples and no one seems to take me seriously when I tell them they are the BEST APPLE EVER!

I ate two yesterday, all by myself! Ha!

Happy FALL!

Brooklynn said...

If you say you went the Roadhouse in Bedford, I'll be mad! I use to run that one!! I'm sure you came in while I was there a time or two.

Erin K said...

Love Hall's Pumpkin Patch!

Vonda said...

So you made me hungry for Honey Crisp. My favorite apples too. So, we go to the grocery store, hunt and hunt and finally find them. I pick out 7, one for each day of the week. No price was on the display, but figured since all the other apples were on sale, these would be too. We go up, put our stuff on the belt and my husband looks at me in HORROR and goes "um, do you know how much those apples are". Seven apples, $17.49. That's $2.50 an apple. Holy CRUD. Apples....not even in a pie with a quart of ice cream on top, just ONE PLAIN APPLE. Dang these things better be the best apples on earth, and I better learn to FIND THE PRICE before I lug them to the counter. lol

Vonda said...

Do you always delete my comments?

Dina said...


I get your comments in my email, but for some reason they don't show up on my blog? I even looked in the spam folder and they aren't there either? I don't know why they aren't shown in the comments?

And about the apples you bought...I can't believe they were that expensive! Maybe yours will have diamonds in them instead of seeds! We get ours at walmart and they are more than the other apples, but not 2.50 each!

I will try to figure out the comment thing. Do your comments show up on other blogs?

Dina said...

OK, I just saw them in the spam folder? Weird. I don't know why it did that. sorry.

King Amy said...

I love honeycrisp apples too -- I always say its like bitting into apple juice -- they are soo sweet!

Anonymous said...

Katie is adorable. I miss the high chair days.

Amen on the zit and wrinkle cream. I wore an inch of concealer and foundation to the grocery store today. I have never had pimples and now, at 35, I do.


Vonda said...

Thank you Dina. I thought you were mad at me because I posted that they were expensive and I swear I almost cried. I could see them in the comments, but then later when I'd look, they were gone, so I figured you didn't like my comment. Glad it was just a fluke cause I love your blog and posts and finally had something to share. :)

Vonda said...

And I see they are there now, so strange. I think they were $3.49 a pound and the ones I got were pretty big, but you are right, I'm going to dig for the diamonds!!!

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