Photo: Tee hee!  Just saw this and had to share!  Happy Friday everyone! x
 Moms don't usually get traditional weekends, but that's OK, because we get donuts!
 When Marcus got home from work this morning, we just hopped in his truck, to go get donuts.  

 We always do a little driving around too.  
We are always on the look out for our next house!
 We saw some horses and cows today!   
We don't live in a rural area at all.  We are right in between Dallas and Fort Worth, but this is Texas after all, so I guess livestock is welcome anywhere.
It made the drive more exciting!

You still have time to celebrate Donut Friday!  Enjoy!

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Staci said...

I know of a lovely 4 bedroom, 2 bath home for sale. Just went on the market...

And now I want donuts.