Happy Fall Ya'll

Really I would say Happy Fall, you guys, but it doesn't rhyme!
I was raised by Yankees!

 Tomorrow is the first day of fall!  
I wish it would drop 20 or 30 degrees!
 I got all my fall stuff out last week, because I had some girls over for dinner and I wanted to be festive! They are some of my mom's teacher friends, that are now my friends too.  Whether they like it or not.  I wish I got some pics of them, because they're pretty cute. 

 Marcus made us a big breakfast for dinner and it was delicious!  
 He's a keeper! 
And Katie has been in Heaven having candy corn right out in the open!  
At least it's a vegetable!
Have a happy fally weekend!


Giggles said...

I have the same dishes and I love them. We don't use them very often though since it is only the two of us and we never eat at the table!!

Jennifer said...

I love when you blog about your home decor. I just LOVE your style!

Erin K said...

Thanks again for having us over, friend! And tell Marcus thanks again for the yummy food. I need his pancake recipe. And your house was super Fall-icious!