Not Very Lovely or Logical!

 We are still sporting summer clothes around here.  Katie got this cute dress from Staci, so I wanted to document it for her.  I think it will still be cute in the winter with a shirt and leggings under it too.  I can't even imagine WINTER right now?

 And her pretty pearl bracelet was a 1st birthday gift from my friend Susan.  
I am so blessed to have such generous people in my life!  Katie would just be wearing a diaper and bow if it weren't for them!

And I think Katie reads my blog!   
Remember yesterday when I was talking about Love and Logic?  And how I am less frazzled and more civilized when it comes to disciplining her? Well, she wanted to test that today and prove me wrong!  And she totally did.  

I called Marcus at the fire station and told him I was going to drop off a baby:
In Texas, we have safe baby drop off sites.  You can drop off your newborn if you don't feel like you can care for it. No questions asked!  Fire stations are all drop off sites.  
I don't think they take 2 year olds though!   
(and just in case you don't know that I'm kidding...I'm kidding!  In fact, In the past I told Marcus that if anyone drops off a baby there, just bring it home!)

Katie and I made up and we are friends again.  So I will keep her.  And I think she still wants to keep me too.  I put her to bed an hour early, because I could tell she was super tired.  She fell asleep in about a minute!
I am hoping that she won't wake up an hour early now.
That would really be a bummer!


Lollipops & Pig Tails said...

We have that same dress and wear it year around. Funny, it is one of a few things that fit from last summer still!

Nicole said...

Well I think Katie just needed donuts a day early. I am sure she would have been just fine then.

pattycakesbakery@live.com said...

Yes - chin up because tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow is also donut Friday and garage sales. In fact Heritage over by Alliance Town Center is having their big community one tomorrow and Saturday. Woohoo!

Staci said...

She looks presh in that dress! Hope there were a few things Katie approved of!