Out With The Old

I've decided to sell all of Katie's baby stuff.
It's all taking up way too much space.

You all might be wondering if we are done having kids? I wonder the same thing. Only God knows. We will leave it up to Him. I am SO HAPPY with one child. She is a joy and a blessing! The only part of me that wants another baby is so that Katie will have a sibling. I love having a sister and I know Katie would love it too.

It's kind of a gamble, because God could give me twin boys with ADHD.

Anyway, everything is pulled out and ready to sell.
BUT Katie thinks it's all new toys for her!

She watched TV in her bath tub:

This is baby Katie in the tub:

It kind of makes me want to shed a tear! And take a bite of those cheeks!

And then she spent at least 30 minutes in her swing!

She saw the tray and requested a snack!

This swing was a life saver in the beginning.
I miss that tiny baby, but I do prefer sleeping all night though, so I will get over it!

It will be nice to clear some things out!

If I end up pregnant, please send me your hand me downs! And if I end up pregnant with twin boys...we'll know that God is a real prankster!


Nicole said...

Your positive attitude always makes my day and inspires me!

Frugal Jen said...

If you get pregnant I've got a ton of hand me downs!

d said...

I got rid of my baby stuff and got pregnant-it happened twice;-) I got rid of all the baby stuff again-but I think its safe this time.
I love all of the pics of Katie.

emily said...

I can't believe how "grown" she is already!!

Praying God will reveal His plan for y'all soon (and lets hope it doesn't involve ADHD!!!).

Miss G said...

I love your attitude! I have not kept all of David's clothes and people gasp and say, "what if you have another boy?" Well, most of them were hand me downs to begin with and I have felt blessed to hand them down while they were still in style and God has been so generous with us with David that I can't imagine He would stop with another one. You will enjoy having the freed up space I think. Plus they always come out with new stuff anyway! Kelly

Leslie said...

I just love your blog! I got rid of all of my baby things when my son was four because the second baby thing hadn't happened. About 10 months later my daughter was born! That was fine with us, we had all new pink things for her, and I was surprised at how baby products had changed in five years. I felt like I had raised my son in the stone ages.

Brooklynn said...

I have that same swing! Colbi loves it!!

Anonymous said...

How sad that you would think having boys would be a prank from God!!! I have two boys and one on the way and feel like the most blessed momma ever!!!! Love your blog but don't think I will be returning!!! And how sad for parents who truly have a child with special needs that you would joke about ADHD .....

Staci said...

Don't you love it when the ones who truly feel convicted enough to speak out, do so anonymously. Hey, "Annonymous", this blogger is one of the kindest, funniest and grateful mothers I know. She never called children with special needs a burden. She simply made a comment that was meant to be funny and how she would not at all be surprised to be given something unfamiliar to her. There was nothing malicious in her words.

Your loyal readers totally get what you meant. Don't give Annonymous comments the time of day.

amberdawn said...

I agree with Staci! I say all the time that we aren't having anymore children because I'm scared God would give me triplet boys, and we already know my 2 boys are enough!!! Love you girl!

Lisa Walker said...

I have twin boys, Cade and Cody. They are 8 years old and are a handful, but keep my heart full! No offense here! Dina is hilarious and her love for God and other people is evident through her blog. Keep up the funny posts!

Anonymous said...

I am writing anoynoumous only b/c I do no have a blog, and I could carelss what someone on their OWN blog says, if you do not like what they say then keep your comments to yourself, I think its sad that she has to apologize on her own blog. To the person who left that comment shame to you.