The First Day

Today was Katie's first day of school!

This was her first day last year:

She couldn't even walk on her own a year ago! A lot has changed in a year, but some things stay the same too. She is actually wearing the same bow. That wasn't intentional and I just noticed it.

I got her back pack from my friend, Kari. She owns The Embroidery Boutique.

Kari can do just about any design.
Katie loves puppies, so this fits her perfectly.
Last year we had the great back pack scandal of 2011! There were 6 girls in Katie's class and 3 of them had the same back pack! I don't want to be dramatic, but it was a tragedy!

And this is her matching lunch box.

I packed several things in there today, but she just ate a few pretzels and that's it! I think there was too much excitement!

And her nap mat:

This year they all nap on the floor. They said all but 2 kids napped today, guess who was one of the two?! I have washed this nap mat twice already and it still looks great. And it has the pillow and blanket attached, so it's convenient.
Mainly I just care that it's cute. I am a form over function kind of girl.

This was my baby at drop off:

Just like last year:

It's enough to make me want fall to the floor sobbing. But I didn't!
And she had a GREAT day.
The tears were just at the beginning!
I know she loves it and she gets to do so many fun things there!

I will end with a happy picture.

I have a to do list a mile long that has been waiting until school starts. But today I was a little paralyzed with all that had to be done. I did clean a little bit, but probably didn't use my time very wisely. It was also nice just to be by myself for a little bit and have some alone time!

I might think about being productive on Thursday, or maybe next Tuesday...


Maryellen said...

Katie looks adorable - I just love the hair ! So precious.
Oh my goodness - her backpack and lunch bag couldn't be any sweeter !

Unknown said...

She just wanted you to know you will be missed. She had a great day!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe the difference from a year ago! She's grown so much, and so has her hair...haha! Those "drop off tears" are hard on us and them, but thankfully they never last long. Enjoy your time!

Anonymous said...

She is so cute! Today was the first day I dropped my little Sam off without any tears or worries at Kindergarten. I love her backpack and all the matching things. I am like you, as long as it is cute... I don't rightly care if it works properly. :)

Kirstin said...

Her "bag set" is too cute...it totally completes her wonderful look! I hope she has a great year and you enjoy your time to do important things...like eating chocolate and shopping!! ;)

fireplace surround said...

Katie is such cute that every picture of her I see on your blog is beautiful. She is holding the bag so nicely. The first day can't be better then this!

~ Herman Swan