Trick Or Treat!

I could eat this ballerina up!
 Katie had so much fun tonight!  She couldn't believe people were just giving her candy! She wanted to put it all straight in her mouth instead of the bag! 

 We went to our Church's Trunk or Treat for a little while.
My nephew, Ryan and niece, Morgan met us up there for a little bit.

Indiana Jones, Cutie Ballerina, Sleeping Beauty:

 Katie had chocolate on her face right away!
 Then she was really brave and did the tall slide 1 million times!

 She loved it and her tights made her go super fast!
 Then it was time to load up on more sugar with a cupcake! 

We came home a little early to pass out candy, but we found our candy bowl empty in the middle of the street!  
 I was so sad! 
 I left it out while we were gone, because I didn't want to be a Grinchy -Scrooge with my light off.  I guess someone took advantage of that! 

I wasn't ready for the festivities to be over, so we went to Aunt Pam's house. (Marcus's sister)
 Cousin Melissa and Katie:
We had such a fun night!
It's a blast hanging out with a 2 year old on Halloween! 

Now the Christmas countdown begins!


Old Houses and A Dizzy Lady

 Last Tuesday, I felt like I had woken up on a Merry - Go- Round.  I was so dizzy that I was clinging onto the sheets, because I thought I would get flung off the bed.  The room was SPINNING! I felt very similar on my 21st birthday?  
BUT this was different...promise.

I had been complaining for weeks that my ears felt stuffed.  So I guess all the fluid in my ears was messing with my equilibrium.  Thankfully Marcus was home, so he could take care of me and Katie.  BUT it was our anniversary and we had plans for fun that day! Boo. 

I didn't leave the couch all day...I couldn't.  Marcus got me some drugs that the pharmacist recommended and I texted some of my nurse friends for advice too! It's nice to know smart people! 

So anniversary plans were canceled and we had Rosa's for dinner!  It was Taco Tuesday, afterall!

 Thankfully Marcus was off on Thursday too.  AND Katie was at school that day.  So we had the day to ourselves!  We drove around Ft. Worth and looked at the cute old neighborhoods.

 We both love simple old houses!

I liked the shingles on this one:

Then we had lunch at Chuy's.  

 And then we VOTED!  
How romantic! 
This is where Katie put my sticker:
It was nice just to take time to spend together and be by ourselves.  That doesn't happen very often.  And even though Tuesday didn't work out as planned, it was a good reminder of what a great husband I have!  So thankful!

I'm thankful for this cutie too! 
I wish the background wasn't so Sanford and Son!
 Marcus took these pictures.  He always has to sneak a dog in the picture!

Have any of you dealt with crazy dizziness?  I have had to take Sud@fed every day since then to help me keep from getting too dizzy. It's not as bad as last week, but it's still pretty annoying. I would love your advice!

And on an unrelated note, when any of you have questions for me, I either reply with an email, if yours is available, or I leave the answer in the comments. So check your spam or the comments if you need an answer.  Or ask me again, because sometimes I forget


Nice Cans!

 Look at these super cute Dr. Peppers that I found at the store today! 

Marcus loves DP and he really loves the DP made with REAL sugar.  
And I REALLY loved the vintage green and red can!
 Everything should be packaged so cute!

A few years ago I decorated my kitchen Christmas tree with Coke Cans:

I am thinking these Dr. Pepper cans will be perfect on a Christmas tree this year!
Start drinking Marcus! Christmas is going up in 2 weeks! 
Remember last year when Coke totally hosed us and didn't have Santa on the cans at Christmas last year?  Instead they had a very UN-Christmassy polar bear!  
That better not happen again!  


Pregnant Chili

 A cold front is coming in again this weekend!
  I can't wait.  It's been in the upper 80's lately and that won't do.  What do you wear at the end of October when it's so dang hot out?  
You look silly in summer or fall clothes.  And I wish the weather man would have warned me that I was going to need another pedicure.  It's flip flop weather, but I don't have flip flop feet right now!

Anyway, it's about to be Chili weather.  So I thought I would share my crock pot chili "recipe" with you.
Except, I don't have exact measurements on everything, so I can't really called it a recipe.  And that would drive me crazy if I were you.

AND, I am calling it pregnant chili, because it will make your tummy stick out, have you passed out on the couch at 8:30 and give you heart burn.  Maybe it was just me, but it made me feel pregnant all over again.  The symptoms were the same with out the cute baby! 
 I browned 2 lbs of lean ground beef with one whole onion.
I also added a tsp or 2 of garlic in there.

Then in a crock pot I combined
the browned meat and onion
2 big cans of tomato sauce
1 can of Rotel
1/3 to a 1/2 a cup of Chili powder

This is where you have to get creative and add the amount you think is best:
garlic salt
black pepper
a little bit of red pepper 
and a little bit of cayenne pepper

Then I left it in the crock pot on warm for about 8 hours.

I always serve my chili with Frito's and cheese
and cornbread.  I just buy the Jiffy mix and bake it in a pan.

If you want to be totally gross, you can add beans to your chili.  Just don't invite me over to eat it!

 We had my parents over to eat, because I like to have witnesses when I cook a whole meal.  
Marcus helped my dad wash his sweet mini van as part of his bday gift. 

Don't let that minivan fool you. It's like a space ship on the inside!
 My dad wasn't supposed to help with the washing, but he did anyway.  Maybe because I wasn't helping?
  I had to photograph the moment!

 And Katie and my mom were playing with coupons on the front porch.

 And the dogs were just sniffing around.  No help at all!

We enjoyed the chili and the company.
And to my knowledge nobody actually got pregnant from the chili, but I guess we need to ask my mom for sure! Maybe I will finally get to be a big sister?


13 Years

 13 years ago today we promised to love, honor, cherish and obey. 
We have probably broken all of those promises at some point! Whoops!
 It's been a fun 13 years. We have been through a few crappy things, but when you have God and a good marriage, even the crappy things don't seem so bad.
 I have one of the best husbands ever.  I am so thankful for him.
Today didn't go quite as planned, but we are going to try again on Thursday! 

Now we are going to watch 
our wedding video...

on a VCR!


Pumpkiny Weekend

 Friday night we went to Halls Pumpkin Farm with the Osbornes.  

Courtney, Charis, Me and Katie, Stephen and Drew.  
Marcus was the photographer.
We went on a hayride and got to stop and feed the animals!

The 3 musketeers. 

 Here is Katie, Charis and Drew at their first pumpkin patch experience 2 years ago.
Katie was 3 months old and the twins were 10 months old.
I am so glad Katie has these guys to grow up with.  They are her surrogate siblings! 
My Family:
( I am loving my bubble necklaces.  They make my plain shirts more fun! )

 Then on Saturday we had our 10th graders from church over. 
 The girls came over first and we painted pumpkins.
 Katie wanted to join in too.  I was hesitant at first, but she did great!
Those cute polka dot shoes were part of the big garage sale load I told you about yesterday! Yay! 

 Marcus made some yummy BBQ and his teaching partner, Jason, brought his fryer. 
So we had fried Oreos, cinnamon buns, donut holes, Twinkies and sugar wafers.

 Thankfully nobody had a heart attack! It was SO good!
 Katie loved her fried Oreo. 

Here's Jason in action:
 We had such a fun night. 
 When you mix pumpkin painting, fried stuff and teenagers how could you NOT have fun?