Accidental Pumpkin Farmer

I love to decorate for fall.  I think mostly because it means that Christmas is getting near.  
And I L-O-V-E Christmas!
 You might have heard that about me!

And I am a little addicted to pumpkins too.  
I buy way too many. 
 Last year after I cleaned up my fall stuff, Marcus brought my old pumpkins up to the fire station to give to a guy that has goats.  I guess goats love pumpkins too! 
 Anyway, the goats must have let some pumpkin seeds sprinkle on the ground and new pumpkins sprouted this year!  

So these cuties are my grand pumpkins! 
I'm so proud!

A couple of weeks ago I mentioned some yummy fall bath and body works candles.  Well, I have found that the Glade candles are pretty awesome too!  I love the scents they have and they are a great price!
I got my little chalk board easel at The Sample House in Southlake.

Some of my grand pumpkins made it outside too.

 My nephew is a little bit of a farmer also.  
 He got these crab apples out of his yard.  I only had to pay 5 cents each!  The going rate is 10 cents, but I got the family discount.
I love the color.  I need to order about 5 more.  I hope I can scrounge up a quarter somewhere!

And my orange twinkle lights have got me really excited about Christmas decorations!
I am planning to get started on that in about a month!  I like to have it all done by Thanksgiving, so I can enjoy it longer. And it takes about a week to get it all up.  

I'm gonna need for it to cool down about 30 degrees or so.  It's not fun to put up Christmas decorations in shorts and a t-shirt.  I want to be in sweats, sipping on some hot chocolate with the fire going! Please?


Staci said...

Oh every time you post, I consider doing some ancestry work to find out how we are related. I love decorating for fall and have a pumpkin addiction, too. I love the weird, bumpy, odd shaped ones as much as the perfect orange ones. And white. Oh, I die for a good white pumpkin.

And I couldn't agree more and the temps. I hate going to a pumpkin patch and sweating! It's either feast of famine in Texas. You're freezing your hiney off or getting a sunburn. I refuse to wear summer clothes while decorating my tree. Even if I have to crank the A/C down to 60!

Ps walmarts mainstay candles are pretty awesome, too!

Anonymous said...

Grand pumpkins...you crack me up hard! Your decorations are always inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Just curious... Which glade floors are good?

Anonymous said...

Flavors not floors!! ;)

Brooklynn said...

I want it to get cold too!! So bad!

Cheryl said...

I was just wondering if while you are Christmas decorating, you could do some how to posts???....i LOVE your Christmas decorations....would like to know how you do your trees...from how you string your lights to attach ornaments, ribbon...whatever.....I look at your photos and it is the look I want my trees to be....but I can't get it there....I'm missing doing something....????....would LOVE if you could do a small series on this....please think about it....you have such great decorating style...you need to share it with us!!!! Thanks!!!

Dina said...

The glade fall candles I have are apple cinnamon. That's always a fave of mine and I also have maple pumpkin. It's good too.

And Cheryl, yes, I can give some details on how I decorate my Christmas trees!

Fabiola said...

As always I am jealous of your decoration : )
I am slowing trying to get to back to blog. I miss it : )

Vonda said...

I don't think they are crab apples, because we have crab apples and they are tiny and red. However we do have those trees here, but I wasn't sure what the big green things were called, and then I searched and found them on another blog that I like. Evidently they are Horse Apples. Scroll down and you will see her decorations with these. I never thought to use them, but I like how they look! :)

Dina said...

you are right Vonda. I actually meant to say horse apples. Maybe I was feeling crabby, so I said crab apples. My nephew was even feeding them to the horses next door, so I should have remembered that! Thanks!

Cheryl said...

Thank you Dina....I look forward to all of your tips and know how!!!!...I'm so excited!!!!....my Christmas trees won't know what hit them this year!!!! :)

Vonda said...

Oh, so horses actually EAT them? This is good to know because I usually feed this horse an apple a day on my walk, and the apple trees are bare now. He'll be getting Horse Apples from now on!!!

the undomesticated wife said...

I have a metal pumpkin like the one you have sitting on your sideboard. It had a metal pointy thing on the bottom to hold a candle. But I never put a candle in it, so I broke it off. :)

I put up my black halloween tree last weekend, along with my porch decor. Looking forward to Christmas as well. You know I have 11 tree, right? I know we talked about that at the blogger get together a few years ago. Anyway, I hadn't pulled that stuff out in a couple of years (the divorce really bummed me on holidays). But now I'm remarried and think I can pull it all out again..and I'm excited!! :)