Bedroom Party!

I am linking up with Thrifty Decor Chick to show you my bedrooms! 

This is our master bedroom:
I wish I could say it looks like this all the time, but then I would be a big fat liar.  There is usually a pile of laundry on that chair. And the bed doesn't get made every day. 

M is for Marcus and D is for Dina.  
NOT for Mom and Dad, or for Medical Doctor. 
I usually sleep on the M side and he usually sleeps on the D side, because he needs the alarm clock more than I do.  Katie is my alarm clock!

My green bedding is from Target.  It was a whopping $35.  
There is a white chenille throw on the bed too. 
BUT, the blankets we sleep with are in the wicker truck. (also from Target).  My husband and I have separate blankets because he likes to roll himself up like a burrito.  And also, for some reason, I get mean and ninja like during the night.  So if you even think about pulling blankets off of me, then you will get it! So separate blankets are good for our marriage!

 This is our guest room:
I promise Target is not sponsoring me in any way, but this yellow bedding is from there also.  
I don't spend a lot on bedding, because I like to change things up pretty often.  And I don't want to worry about stuff getting messed up.  I live with a 2 year old, so things tend to get messed up!

Speaking of my 2 year old, this is Katie's room:
It's probably my favorite room in the house.  She has blue walls and a pink ceiling. 
And lots of toys! 

And bows...

She still sleeps in her crib and I plan on keeping her there for as long as I can. 
 I like my kid contained at night!

I made her mobile from a lamp shade frame and some Christmas ornaments:
The bed skirt is vintage hankies:

I also plan on keeping the video monitor in there as long as I can too!

 We have lots of fun in this room!

Thanks for coming over! 
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Holly said...

your bedrooms are so cute! I just painted a mirror I found at a yard sale red like the one in your daughters room!

King Amy said...

Y'all decided on a favorite side of the bed?!

Dina said...

No, Amy, we still switch it up! He just sleeps by the alarm clock the nights before he goes to work. And when he's at the fire station, I sleep right in the middle or diagonal across the bed!

Carrie said...

I love your bedrooms, and am 100 percent smitten with the bedskirt made from old hankies! SO clever and adorable.