Nice Cans!

 Look at these super cute Dr. Peppers that I found at the store today! 

Marcus loves DP and he really loves the DP made with REAL sugar.  
And I REALLY loved the vintage green and red can!
 Everything should be packaged so cute!

A few years ago I decorated my kitchen Christmas tree with Coke Cans:

I am thinking these Dr. Pepper cans will be perfect on a Christmas tree this year!
Start drinking Marcus! Christmas is going up in 2 weeks! 
Remember last year when Coke totally hosed us and didn't have Santa on the cans at Christmas last year?  Instead they had a very UN-Christmassy polar bear!  
That better not happen again!  


Staci said...

Those are too cute and could totally inspire some decor! And I agree about last years coke cans. That was just wrong!

Nicole said...

Do you have food in your refrigerator, or only drinks? :)

EveryNewBeginning said...

I think this might be her drink refrigerator. All of my family in Texas has one... Usually it is in the garage.

Brooke said...

What an adorable Christmas kitchen! You did great!


Cute can too! ;-)


Allison said...

Yes - we Texans usually have two fridges. One in the house and one in the garage. Love that you did the caption as your "kitchen Christmas tree." How many trees do you put up and are they real or fake?

Dina said...

Yes! We have 2 fridges. One is just for drinks.

And my Christmas trees are fake. I put up around 5 or 6! I love Christmas!

Rebecca said...

Okay, so reading this has inspired me! I am a diet coke fanatic. I think a diet coke tree would be lovely in my kitchen this year - the red and silver..ahhh, yes! A tree just for mommy! Thanks for the idea! :)