Old Houses and A Dizzy Lady

 Last Tuesday, I felt like I had woken up on a Merry - Go- Round.  I was so dizzy that I was clinging onto the sheets, because I thought I would get flung off the bed.  The room was SPINNING! I felt very similar on my 21st birthday?  
BUT this was different...promise.

I had been complaining for weeks that my ears felt stuffed.  So I guess all the fluid in my ears was messing with my equilibrium.  Thankfully Marcus was home, so he could take care of me and Katie.  BUT it was our anniversary and we had plans for fun that day! Boo. 

I didn't leave the couch all day...I couldn't.  Marcus got me some drugs that the pharmacist recommended and I texted some of my nurse friends for advice too! It's nice to know smart people! 

So anniversary plans were canceled and we had Rosa's for dinner!  It was Taco Tuesday, afterall!

 Thankfully Marcus was off on Thursday too.  AND Katie was at school that day.  So we had the day to ourselves!  We drove around Ft. Worth and looked at the cute old neighborhoods.

 We both love simple old houses!

I liked the shingles on this one:

Then we had lunch at Chuy's.  

 And then we VOTED!  
How romantic! 
This is where Katie put my sticker:
It was nice just to take time to spend together and be by ourselves.  That doesn't happen very often.  And even though Tuesday didn't work out as planned, it was a good reminder of what a great husband I have!  So thankful!

I'm thankful for this cutie too! 
I wish the background wasn't so Sanford and Son!
 Marcus took these pictures.  He always has to sneak a dog in the picture!

Have any of you dealt with crazy dizziness?  I have had to take Sud@fed every day since then to help me keep from getting too dizzy. It's not as bad as last week, but it's still pretty annoying. I would love your advice!

And on an unrelated note, when any of you have questions for me, I either reply with an email, if yours is available, or I leave the answer in the comments. So check your spam or the comments if you need an answer.  Or ask me again, because sometimes I forget


Kacie said...

It would be called vertigo and it is all because of inner ear imbalance. If you need, you can go to a doctor and they will prescribe some sort of med that helps clear up the ears. (This is all thanks to my mom who has had vertigo several times. It isn't fun!)

amberdawn said...

Sometimes, you may need to have a dr clean the wax out (I know gross), but it can get stuck and cause any water or liquid to get stuck too and cause dizzyness. Also, have you ever tried ear candles?

Dina said...

Thanks girls. I have been wondering if I needed to go to the dr. I didn't know if they could clear up my ears or not. And Amber, I sure hope it's not ear wax! If it is, I will never admit it! :)

Anonymous said...

Try Antivert 25 mg. It is over the counter and works wonders. I have had a problem with vertigo off and on for ever! I never leave town without it!

Leah PS said...

i would LOVE to celebrate my anniversary with rosa's! the closest to us is almost 3 hours away and we don't get it enough. i hope you had a large 46!!! that's my Rx for whatever ails you: a large 46 and some sweet tea :)

Giggles said...

Love, love, love the houses! Only if they were in the country and not in town!!

a boy a girl and a pug said...

Every now and then these Texas allergens give me so much. Pressure in my sinuses it causes me to have vertigo. It's so not fun and such a scary feeling to wake up too. So sorry they got you too and messed up your anniversary plans. Bummer. My doctor recommended otc non drowsy Dramamine and that seems to do the trick for me. How sweet are those houses!!

Staci said...

Fell better my friend! And ask about Lasix. As a short term fix, it really did help. And meclazine (OTC Dramamine). And of course a fountain coke can't hurt!

Catherine said...

I totally know what you are talking about. I had a bout of vertigo about three years ago. Mine was preceded by a slight feeling of fluid in my ears and yet I had not been sick. It was a very scary experience and lasted on and off for a few weeks. At the worst, I could not make it out of bed and to the bathroom without vomiting. It helped to never lie flat on my back and to not sit up too suddenly. I hope you get over it quickly. It sure made me feel for the people who have ongoing vertigo.

Cristi Atchley said...

Girl, it sounds like vertigo! My mom just had a really bad episode of it and ended up taking an ambulance to the hospital. (she's almost 80)

A doctor can prescribe you something to help! The way you described it was just like what my mom had!

Glad to hear you are feeling better! And I'm sorta like Marcus... I like to sneak dogs in pictures too! Ha!

Brooke said...

Cute homes! I love the little brick one-So cute!


Happy Halloween!


Anonymous said...

Love the pictures! Katie is getting so big!

Frugal Jen said...

I agree with the others about vertigo. I have an ear disease called Meneres Disease and I get vertigo. To stop of the spinning I have to take an allergy medication every day to prevent the fluid build up in my ears. If I get vertigo I take a diauretic (sp?) to help get rid of fluid fast. You can get some over the the counter.

Get well soon! That is the worst feeling of spinning. Glad you didn't start throwing up.

Dirt Princess said...

I also have Menieres disease. Very similar. Caffeine sets mine off. Fluid pills usually help mine

Maggie Elizabeth said...

When my better half and I were dating we always went and looked at old neighborhoods. We have not done that in forever. Thinking we have to do that soon!