Pregnant Chili

 A cold front is coming in again this weekend!
  I can't wait.  It's been in the upper 80's lately and that won't do.  What do you wear at the end of October when it's so dang hot out?  
You look silly in summer or fall clothes.  And I wish the weather man would have warned me that I was going to need another pedicure.  It's flip flop weather, but I don't have flip flop feet right now!

Anyway, it's about to be Chili weather.  So I thought I would share my crock pot chili "recipe" with you.
Except, I don't have exact measurements on everything, so I can't really called it a recipe.  And that would drive me crazy if I were you.

AND, I am calling it pregnant chili, because it will make your tummy stick out, have you passed out on the couch at 8:30 and give you heart burn.  Maybe it was just me, but it made me feel pregnant all over again.  The symptoms were the same with out the cute baby! 
 I browned 2 lbs of lean ground beef with one whole onion.
I also added a tsp or 2 of garlic in there.

Then in a crock pot I combined
the browned meat and onion
2 big cans of tomato sauce
1 can of Rotel
1/3 to a 1/2 a cup of Chili powder

This is where you have to get creative and add the amount you think is best:
garlic salt
black pepper
a little bit of red pepper 
and a little bit of cayenne pepper

Then I left it in the crock pot on warm for about 8 hours.

I always serve my chili with Frito's and cheese
and cornbread.  I just buy the Jiffy mix and bake it in a pan.

If you want to be totally gross, you can add beans to your chili.  Just don't invite me over to eat it!

 We had my parents over to eat, because I like to have witnesses when I cook a whole meal.  
Marcus helped my dad wash his sweet mini van as part of his bday gift. 

Don't let that minivan fool you. It's like a space ship on the inside!
 My dad wasn't supposed to help with the washing, but he did anyway.  Maybe because I wasn't helping?
  I had to photograph the moment!

 And Katie and my mom were playing with coupons on the front porch.

 And the dogs were just sniffing around.  No help at all!

We enjoyed the chili and the company.
And to my knowledge nobody actually got pregnant from the chili, but I guess we need to ask my mom for sure! Maybe I will finally get to be a big sister?


Erin K said...

Yum! I love a good Chili recipe and I LOVE Fall weather. Can't wait for it to be Fall weather. Good luck on being a big sister! :) Trust me, it's highly overrated.

Anonymous said...

Dina! Bahahaha!!! I am cracking up right now!

Clementsville: Population of 5! said...

Great recipe and Katie is getting so big!!!

Giggles said...

I got an email from a friend tonight and it is snowing where she lives. No fair that I wore shorts and a tshirt today and would have gone barefoot if I still did that. I love chili without beans but with fritos or cornbread (jalapeno cornbread!)with cheese!!!!

Mallorie said...

YUM! I need to try this! Except I'm not going to call mine pregnant chili..I do NOT need another baby right now ;-)

Brooklynn said...

You should write a book. Seriously. You're a hoot!! :-)

Miss G said...

Yum yum yum. Can we please please still be friends if I tell you I like beans in my chili? Kelly

the undomesticated wife said...

Girl, this morning I put on tights, boots and a scarf! I need to get some pinion wood for my chiminea!

Also, taco soup is a really good cold weather food! It's easy (even I can do it!) and isn't too bad for you! :)

Mady and Jacks Mama said...

Only in Texas are you eating beanless chili while wearing shorts and washing your car! Gotta love that Texas weather!

donna said...

I don't think there is enough chili in the world to make me pregnant!