Trick Or Treat!

I could eat this ballerina up!
 Katie had so much fun tonight!  She couldn't believe people were just giving her candy! She wanted to put it all straight in her mouth instead of the bag! 

 We went to our Church's Trunk or Treat for a little while.
My nephew, Ryan and niece, Morgan met us up there for a little bit.

Indiana Jones, Cutie Ballerina, Sleeping Beauty:

 Katie had chocolate on her face right away!
 Then she was really brave and did the tall slide 1 million times!

 She loved it and her tights made her go super fast!
 Then it was time to load up on more sugar with a cupcake! 

We came home a little early to pass out candy, but we found our candy bowl empty in the middle of the street!  
 I was so sad! 
 I left it out while we were gone, because I didn't want to be a Grinchy -Scrooge with my light off.  I guess someone took advantage of that! 

I wasn't ready for the festivities to be over, so we went to Aunt Pam's house. (Marcus's sister)
 Cousin Melissa and Katie:
We had such a fun night!
It's a blast hanging out with a 2 year old on Halloween! 

Now the Christmas countdown begins!


emily said...

She's a cute ballerina!!

I hate to hear about your candy bowl. Greedy people...grrr!

Erin K said...

Cutest ballerina EVER!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful little girl!

Bethany said...

Love your blog and your fun family! Sounds like you had a "sweet" night trick or treating!