A 100 and A Stormy Kid

First of all, thanks for your prayers and good wishes for Marcus and his test!  It worked!
He made a 90 and then with his 10 seniority points ,
  he got a 100 
I am so proud of him. He is ranked #5.  He was wanting the top 6, because that's how many will probably promote this year. Due to other firemen retiring and because they are opening up a new station.

He put in a lot of hard work for that grade, but he NEEDED God too! Marcus isn't the best test taker and sitting still for 100 questions is a challenge! 

So while he was being a genius and Katie was at school, I was doing some beading:
My mom, sister and I are going to have a space at the Bell High School craft fair on December 1st, so I have to get things ready! I will also be selling jewelry and other fun things. 
 It's from 9 to 5 in Hurst, if you want come!

 THEN, the perfect storm hit our house. It was a mixture of the time change and getting up too early, going to school and not napping, and barely eating lunch. 
 It can be a deadly combination! 

It would have been, if Aunt Kelly didn't come by to diffuse the situation. Now that storm is peacefully sleeping and I specifically prayed for a 14 hour night and that her diaper could hold up that long!
 We'll see...


emily said...

WOOHOO!! Congratulations to your husband!

Your beading is beautiful!

d said...

Congratulations!! I am happy for both of you!

Sandy said...

Congratulations to Marcus!

Sandy said...

Congratulations to Marcus!

donna said...

YAY Marcus. So proud of you!

Brooklynn said...

So are y'all doing that instead of your yearly shopping party?