Happy Thanksgiving!

 We had a great Thanksgiving at my in-law's house! 
The best part is, that my parents got to come too!  
I love that both families get along so well!

I was terrible about taking pictures today, but I did get one of these fabulous cupcakes that my 13 year old niece made! She even made the pumpkins herself, out of of fondant! Amazing. 

Katie thought they were delicious and had 2! 
She needed the sugar, because she skipped her nap today. 

 3 years ago at Thanksgiving we announced that we had a bun in the oven! That was so fun!  Katie has been a great source of joy ever since...97% of the time! :)

I have such a blessed life and I am beyond thankful! 


Maryellen said...

WOW I am super impressed with those cupcakes. She has real talent. Katie is cute as a button as always : )

emily said...

Glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

Those cupcakes look delish!!

Anonymous said...

We had Thanksgiving at my parent's house and my in-laws traveled here and stayed with them for the week. It is so nice to have families that mesh so well so that you can all be together for the important days! Katie is such a cutie and your niece is unbelievably talented! Thanks for sharing!