Life and Trees

I think I am finally done with all my Christmas decorating...FINALLY!  

It has fully consumed a whole week! 
I put up a bunch this year and I LOVE it! It makes me very happy.  Especially now that I am finished!

I will post a tutorial on how I decorate my trees in the next day or two. But I wanted to tell you that I got this flocked tree at Big Lots for $80!  My flocked tree turned yellowish and the lights didn't work.  I couldn't spend a lot, so I was happy to find this one! So if you need a cheapish tree, check them out.
(They didn't pay me to say that, but they can if they want to!) 
 Anyway, since I was buried under Christmas stuff all week, I have some catching up to do on my blog. 
This is how Katie accessorized herself  last week:

 And we celebrated my nephew, Jeddy's, 9th birthday in their barn! It was such a fun party!

 We went to a football game and Katie was all about the popcorn!

 She also clapped and cheered for the players and the band the whole time!

This was the day of her Thanksgiving party at school:
 And donut Friday!

 Last night we got to go to a 1st birthday party at my friend, Catherine's, house. She has 2 foster kids right now and the little girl turned one! It was a rainbow theme. Catherine does graphic design and parties one the side, when she's not taking care of 3 kids!

 We had a great time!

And I will try to share the method to my madness of decorating trees soon! 


All That Glitters said...

Your trees are amazing!!! I love them! So unique and one of a kind!

Brooklynn said...

Love Katie's Thanksgiving outfit!! And that rainbow tu-tu is awesome! And, I love all your trees! :-)

Happy early Thanksgiving!

Brooke said...

Katie is a cutie, and your tress are amazing!!!

Cheryl said...

I'm the one who requested a tutorial on your trees...and I absolutely can't wait!!!!....your trees are absolutely amazing......did you ever think about a career as a tree decorator??....some place here in blogland, there is a woman, in Louisiana...who has a business where she decorates trees for a living....?????.....I bet in the area where you live.....you could have a thriving business!!!!!.....thanks so much for doing this!!!!

Mandi said...

Your trees are beautiful. Can't wait for the tutorial!

the undomesticated wife said...

Yay for Christmas trees! I got all 11 trees and about 10 tubs down from the attic the other day. They are in the office (the "staging" room..haha) and I plan on attacking them this weekend. Fun stuff!