The Christmas decorations are starting to go up in our house!
BUT, it's still fall, so we had to enjoy some fallness!
 Marcus made Katie a big pile of leaves to play in yesterday.
 He just got back from hunting, hence the camo!
He blends right in with those leaves, doesn't he?

Katie had a great time! 

 Right now I am buried in Christmas crapola.  It was fun at first, but now I really, really want the Christmas fairy to come and help me finish up.  
OR Buddy the Elf!  He would be awesome right about now!


Bethany said...

The pics of K in the leaves are so great! Looks like she was having fun!

Nicole said...

I love that first pic of Katie and Marcus! That's one for the wedding slideshow!

Staci said...

Smiling is my favorite

the undomesticated wife said...

I'm trying to figure out when to start decorating. With 11 trees, it takes a while!

Hurry up lady and get it done! ;)

Giggles said...

Seeing Katie playing in the leaves brought back so many great memories of playing in them while my parents were trying to get the yard cleaned up when we were kids!!

Christmas is still a ways away from our house!

His Doorkeeper said...

Love the pictures of your little Katie in the leaves! You will be so glad you got those shots(especially with her Daddy) some day! Life goes by so quickly!