Christmassing To The Very End

Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of the year?   
And that also means that Tuesday is the end of the holiday season.  I am a little sad about that! I am also DREADING taking down all this Christmas stuff!  I really, really hope the Christmas clean up fairies come to my house and do me a favor!
I had to share this pretty red tree that's in our area.  Every single twig is wrapped in lights!  I bet these people are really hoping the Christmas fairies take down their lights too!  I have a feeling they have some fairies on their pay roll though!

We are still packing in the Christmas fun until the very end!  We've had something going on almost everyday this month!

Last night my niece and nephew, Morgan and Ryan, slept over!  Katie was in heaven.  
This is when she declared. "I sleep with Morgie and Ryan tonight!"
 Maybe one day, but I know that Katie would have stayed awake wanting to play with her cousins all night. 

It's been cold lately, so Marcus has had the fire going and I love it!
 Katie with Mommy's boots on:

On Morgan and Ryan's last day of school, Santa always comes for a visit in a helicopter.  Katie loved it last year, but this year...not so much! 
 This is me trying to get her excited about Rudolph and the elf:
 Marcus got this picture of when Santa was talking to us!  I love Santa!

That same night we went to see The Prairie Lights. 
 They were amazing! I took lots of pictures, but it doesn't do it justice. 
 Katie got to drive, drink from Marcus's Dr. Pepper and eat peanut m&m's. Merry Christmas to her!
 They also had a carousel there.
 It was a fun night!

The next day, we went to see ICE at the Gaylord hotel.  
It's a big display set up in an area that they keep at 9 degrees!  And everything is made of ice.  It's pretty remarkable what the artists can make of ice.

 Katie went down the ice slide.  I thought she was going down with Marcus, then next thing I know I see my little baby laying on the ground!  She had fun!
We did that about 2 weeks ago and Katie still says, "Remember the ice?" She thought it was pretty cool.
 We also got to celebrate Katie's BFFs, Charis and Drew.  They turned 3 on the 22nd!
The kids singing Happy Birthday:

Katie "helping" Charis open her present:
Drew was there too!
I love those 3 year olds! 

So have you made any New Year's resolutions?  I need to make about 100!  But discipline is not my strong suit! 


Jesus Loves Her

I feel like every surface in my house is either covered in new toys, or laundry, or dishes, or other stuff that doesn't belong there. I think I will worry about all that tomorrow.  

I wanted to share a video of Katie singing with her Jesus Loves Me book. 
I was videoing in the hall and she didn't know. 

Cute thing.  
Now you know that bows aren't just for looks, they are a necessity in her hair.

In other important news, I have eaten enough Rolos to support the Rolo factory for another year.  Anyone else?  Have you melted them on a pretzel with a pecan on top?  
Do it!  
  It's the third best decision I have ever made in my life!



 If you make it through all these pictures, you will become an honorary member of my family! 
We started off Christmas Eve morning with making some sausage balls. They are Marcus's favorite! 
Katie was great helper.  I just kept hoping none of her crazy bed head hair would get in the batter.  This girl needs a hair net!

We had a pretty relaxing day because I had actually gotten everything done the day before.  Shocker!  
Katie didn't take a nap and that made me a little nervous, because we had a long night ahead of us.  We went  to church and she got to come to big church with us instead of the nursery.  She loved it.  We only had to go into the hall once. And she had to do an interpretive dance in the aisle to every Christmas song! 
 Then we went to my parent's house for some lasagna and pasta.  That's our traditional Christmas meal!
 Katie was fading fast!
 But she perked right up when the cousins got there!

 We got in our comfy PJ's after dinner and then it was present time!
Morgan and Ryan were so excited to open their Meeps from Nonni and Grampy!
 Katie got a tricycle from her Aunt Kelly and family.  I didn't get a pic of Kelly?!
 She also got that cute tutu from them, that she had to put right on!
We had a fun night and Katie slept until 9:40.  I am sure she was the last kid in America to wake up on Christmas morning!

Yay! More presents!

 She opened all her own presents this year!

 And she absolutely loved everything!


 Right after presents we went to Marcus's brother's new house. They are still moving stuff in, but it is already so homey!  

This is the cousins singing Happy Birthday to Jesus.

 The paparazzi

Marcus made our brother in law, Jeff, a washer game set. 

 Katie got tons of wonderful presents.
 She loves her baby from Aunt Lisa
 She's a very good mommy!

 Aunt Pam (Marcus's sister) got a picture made of all the grand kids for her parents. (my in laws)
 It was a hit! 

THEN! Right after we opened all the presents, it started snowing! 
 So fun!
Katie and I have been praying for a white Christmas since September.  Thank you God!

We came home for a nap and realized the dogs got out of the yard.  They NEVER do that.  Marcus was sick about it.  Especially since it was freezing and snowing outside.  Thankfully someone found them this afternoon and they are back safe and sound.  The poor things were kind of far and in the cold all night.  They are OK, but it was a long 24 hours for Marcus.  Those are his best friends!
 We were missing our dogs, but we had to play in the snow:

 Katie did this snow angel on her own. She saw it on one of her cartoons! Funny girl!

 Then we got all warmed up and she invited Nonni to play in her tent!

It was a wonderful Christmas (besides the missing dogs)!   We are so thankful to get to spend the holidays, and most days, with our family! 
I hope you all had a great Christmas too!