A Dancing Queen

 I am ready for a night of just laying on the couch and watching Christmas movies.  
We have been SO busy! It's all fun stuff busy, but it's still busy!
 Thursday night we went to look at the lights at Texas Motor Speedway. 
It's the kind you drive through, so Katie was our chauffeur.
 We were very disappointed in the display.  I hate sounding like a Grinch.  At least the $15 went to charity!
The Grand Prairie lights are one million times better.  I know if you don't live in our area this doesn't mean a hill of beans to you, sorry!

Saturday night my niece, Jennifer, had a Christmas dance show at her college. She's on the drill team there. 

Katie was so excited to go.  She didn't understand why she couldn't dance on stage with the girls.
 She didn't last long in her seat.  We stood in the back and it made the perfect stage for her dancing!

I took a video with my regular camera.  Apparently you can only hold the camera one way... And I did it the wrong way.  So Katie is sideways. 
 As soon as the show was over, she ran right on the stage and started dancing some more.
 She did a dance solo to "I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"  It was so cute.  That video is sideways too. Anyone know of a way to flip it?
 Katie and Jennifer. 
I'm so proud of my niece. And I LOVE her school! 

We went to see her dorm room after the show and someone was getting a little tired:

 Then Sunday night we celebrated my other niece's birthday.  Morgan turned 12 yesterday!
Katie LOVES her cousins.  She has some good ones! 

Then tonight I just had a surprise party for one of my friends. I will share those pics later, because I am pooped!

Tomorrow night Katie and her class are singing Away in a Manger at church. I am praying she is just as bold about singing as she is dancing.  Her teachers are doubtful that she will actually go through with it!  We are praying that she does. I have already offered a bribe! I don't want fear to stop her from doing anything! 

I will be sure to take video in the right direction tomorrow night! 


Giggles said...

If you want to see an awesome drive thru light display, head on down to College Station and hit up Santa's Wonderland. It is incredible. Then just hang around and go to the George Bush Library, visit downtown, visit the A&M campus. It is worth the trip.

Allison said...

I wish you had posted about the Speedway Lights - I would have told you soooo not worth it. Really rinky dink and not really worth it. The tent at the end of "Santa's Wonderland" cracked us up last year. Tiny shop and opportunity to take a pic with Santa. Agree - drive to Grand Prairie!

Tricia Nae said...

Ive heard the speedway is a big ripoff. We live just down the street from the GP lights. Hoping to make it this year!!

And...your niece's college looks very familiar!! :) Pretty sure it's where I went!