A Proud Mommy

 Tonight we had Katie's Christmas program at church! 
Around her family, Katie is super confident and full of personality.  Away from her family, she can be a little needy and have some anxiety.  We weren't sure if she would perform tonight. 
With lots of prayers from lots of people, Katie did awesome! 
I am so proud of her!
 I am just so happy that she didn't let the fear win! 
She knew that she was going to get a pink cake if she performed and didn't cry! I just wanted her to have something fun to look forward to. It worked!
 I think she loved every minute of it!
I am so thankful for her teachers and her director. They are super sweet to her!

 The whole family came to watch and I wish I would have gotten a picture of everyone!  
Then we brought the pink cake to my parent's house.
Katie is so proud!
 She really wanted the cake to have candles.  So we sang Happy Birthday to Jesus.

 Then she watched the video with Daddy and Grampy!
It was such a fun night and it felt like a 
Christmas miracle! 


Staci said...

Yay for Katie!!! I am so glad she did so good! Such a sweet girl. I had the same anxiety when Sofia was 4 and had a dance recital in a HUGE auditorium. (Even at 6, she still gets super shy in front strangers). She marched right out, front and center and performed and performed "I want a Hippopotomous for Christmas" like a seasoned broadway performer. I bribed her with something and it worked. Keep that pink cake card handy!

Anonymous said...

Her dress is absolutely adorable! Her little expressions are so precious! You have every right to be a proud mommy...looks like she did a great job!

Anonymous said...

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Giggles said...

She looked precious!! I am glad that she performed like a rockstar!

Susan Brown Holland said...

As always, Katie Belle looks like a little Angel...and I'm sure she sounded like one too! So proud of her...did you save me a piece of pink cake? :o)