Christmassing To The Very End

Can you believe that tomorrow is the last day of the year?   
And that also means that Tuesday is the end of the holiday season.  I am a little sad about that! I am also DREADING taking down all this Christmas stuff!  I really, really hope the Christmas clean up fairies come to my house and do me a favor!
I had to share this pretty red tree that's in our area.  Every single twig is wrapped in lights!  I bet these people are really hoping the Christmas fairies take down their lights too!  I have a feeling they have some fairies on their pay roll though!

We are still packing in the Christmas fun until the very end!  We've had something going on almost everyday this month!

Last night my niece and nephew, Morgan and Ryan, slept over!  Katie was in heaven.  
This is when she declared. "I sleep with Morgie and Ryan tonight!"
 Maybe one day, but I know that Katie would have stayed awake wanting to play with her cousins all night. 

It's been cold lately, so Marcus has had the fire going and I love it!
 Katie with Mommy's boots on:

On Morgan and Ryan's last day of school, Santa always comes for a visit in a helicopter.  Katie loved it last year, but this year...not so much! 
 This is me trying to get her excited about Rudolph and the elf:
 Marcus got this picture of when Santa was talking to us!  I love Santa!

That same night we went to see The Prairie Lights. 
 They were amazing! I took lots of pictures, but it doesn't do it justice. 
 Katie got to drive, drink from Marcus's Dr. Pepper and eat peanut m&m's. Merry Christmas to her!
 They also had a carousel there.
 It was a fun night!

The next day, we went to see ICE at the Gaylord hotel.  
It's a big display set up in an area that they keep at 9 degrees!  And everything is made of ice.  It's pretty remarkable what the artists can make of ice.

 Katie went down the ice slide.  I thought she was going down with Marcus, then next thing I know I see my little baby laying on the ground!  She had fun!
We did that about 2 weeks ago and Katie still says, "Remember the ice?" She thought it was pretty cool.
 We also got to celebrate Katie's BFFs, Charis and Drew.  They turned 3 on the 22nd!
The kids singing Happy Birthday:

Katie "helping" Charis open her present:
Drew was there too!
I love those 3 year olds! 

So have you made any New Year's resolutions?  I need to make about 100!  But discipline is not my strong suit! 


Nicole said...

This will shock you, but our Christmas decorations were down two days ago!:) However, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that all lights tree! Oh my gosh! Rick would probably do that because it looks so cool!

Happy New Year!

Brooke said...

Looks like a beautiful holiday! The tree with the lights is so beautiful!

Happy New Year,


the undomesticated wife said...

I just got all of my Christmas stuff down yesterday. Took all day (on and off) and I was injured in the process! I was reaching up in a closet to grab something and didn't realized I had a SLATE sign on the box. It slid off and the CORNER of the slate hit my eye, just a hair shy of my eyeball. Oy! Now I have a huge ugly gash right under my eye and it's swollen and bruised. Thankful it didn't hit my actual eyeball though!

But all of the decorations and properly organized and put up in the attic. Now I have to tackle cleaning the house now that everything is put away. The house always looks so empty after having crammed all of those trees everywhere. ha!

Kacie said...

We live right by that red light tree and drove by it a few times. It's so amazing! The white one in the back was cool too. Glad y'all had a good Christmas!

donna said...

I can't believe Katie went down that huge slide alone. Good thing Nonni wasn't there!

mwimp said...

oh we've been wanting to see the ice display at our Gaylord (texas) i wonder if they hae a slide too. my guy would luv it! we might have to add that to our mini vacas next year, altho he is completely into great wolf lodge right now, lol!