No Time for Laundry!

It's getting Christmassy up in here!  
Last night was the tree lighting in our town. Of course we had to go, but first we had to eat.  We have our priorities.  
We went to In-N-Out Burger. Yum!

Katie licked the fries basket clean, and look, they have a Bible verse on the bottom! 
They also have the cleanest high chairs ever!  They all looked brand new.  Usually restaurant high chairs make me want to wash Katie in bleach after we eat! 

 The Tree lighting was much more than just lighting a tree. 
 They had lots of fun things to do. 
 First up was the snow hill...in short sleeves!

 They had a petting zoo:

 Santa's sleigh:
 And the REAL Santa and Mrs. Claus were there! 
They also had bounce houses and FIREWORKS! It was big fun! 
I didn't even get a picture of the darn tree after it was lit?! I promise there was a tree involved! 

 Tonight my mom and I took my niece, Morgan, shopping for her birthday.  Ryan came with us too!
We rode the carousel in the mall.  I think we have ridden it every year for Morgan's birthday since she was a baby! We all still love it!

So lots of fun is being had around here, but my house is a disaster! 
And tomorrow I am getting a fresh coat of paint on my hair!  I need it so bad.  I am looking a little witchy with these grays!  And then we have more Christmassing planned for tomorrow night. So I hope some of Santa's elves will show up and clean my house while we are gone!


Staci said...

Sounds like a perfectly Christmassy couple of days. Just wish it didn't feel like April outside! I hear rumors of a cold front next week. Fingers crossed. Love Katie's outfit!

Miss G said...

So fun! I didn't know about the Bible verses and In and Out, just another reason to love them. And YEA for clean high chairs. I'm with you, friend. Kelly

Brooklynn said...

That outfit Katie was wearing is adorable!!!! We were going to try and make it out that way for the festivities since Dave works in the "Christmas capital of Texas". (As they like to refer to themselves). Hahaha.

Fabiola Andreia said...

Can Heloisa and I spend some time at your house during Christmas time??? It looks so much fun : )


PS: I closed my blog, only because I have no extra time in my hands. Maybe next year I will come back. I miss it.