Jesus Loves Her

I feel like every surface in my house is either covered in new toys, or laundry, or dishes, or other stuff that doesn't belong there. I think I will worry about all that tomorrow.  

I wanted to share a video of Katie singing with her Jesus Loves Me book. 
I was videoing in the hall and she didn't know. 

Cute thing.  
Now you know that bows aren't just for looks, they are a necessity in her hair.

In other important news, I have eaten enough Rolos to support the Rolo factory for another year.  Anyone else?  Have you melted them on a pretzel with a pecan on top?  
Do it!  
  It's the third best decision I have ever made in my life!


Lauren said...

Love Love Love this!!

Anonymous said...

That made me cry! What a precious little girl. Even when she's all alone and doesn't know anybody's listening, she still knows that Jesus loves her. That's a true testament to your family. God bless.