Crafts, Birthdays, and Bucky

My dogs are still barking from the craft show on Saturday! 
This is me, my sister, and my mom and Katie. She just came for a visit.
It was a fun, long, tiring day. 
And I was hoping to be a millionaire by the end of the day, but it didn't happen!

This is our friend, Erin, who had a booth too:

On Sunday we celebrated my father in law's and sister in law's birthdays.
 He turned 75 and Pam turned a year older too! 

My niece, Melissa, made the cakes. She's the cute blond one.

 Katie was wanting a piece of cake since the minute we got there. 
  During lunch she kept asking for a piece.  I told her we could have cake after we sang Happy Birthday. 

So this cute little booger started singing happy birthday by herself!
 This is her waiting patiently for cake in her daddy's old high chair.  He was at the fire station and missed all the festivities. 

Today we had to go to Fifi's barn to return some tables we borrowed for the craft show. (Marcus's brother, David, who katie calls fifi)
It's like Disney World to Katie, because they have lots of fun toys.  
This is Bucky.  They are kind of making the same face here! 

Katie also got to take a ride on the 4 wheeler.  And Fifi also fed her marshmallows and chocolate. He's a softie and she's a little bit spoiled!

Is anyone else in Texas annoyed with the 80 degree weather?  I find it a little bit depressing. I heard it's supposed to be 45 for a high next Monday! Can't wait! 


Nicole said...

It's even in the mid-70's up here in Missouri. Disgusting! Ready for that cold, nasty weather!!! I want to be bundled up in my house with the wind howling outside.

Erin K said...

I was hoping to become a millionaire too. Didn't happen for me either. Oh well. Thanks for the shout out. Katie looks so cute in her Santa dress. And yes, I'm very annoyed with the heat. I wish this was the weather we had in the summer. Wouldn't that be perfect!!! I want chili or taco soup weather!

Jenna @ Sharing My Jennarocity said...

We were talking about that at work today. It makes you not even want to decorate cause it doesn't feel like Christmas at all!

Tonja said...

I was just telling my MIL that it did not feel like Christmas this year. My kids are wanting to wear shorts... in December!!! It's just not right :(

Kirstin said...

I love her little dress...she is ALWAYS SO CUTE!!! I have been wanting snow for quite awhile now. It is so sad that this winter season is going to be short again. Hopefully we will be blessed with a white Christmas...or even a couple of days before ;)

mwimp said...

yes yes and more yeses! it's hard to get festivey while wearing shorts! ps. luv ur blog i'm ur newest follower can't wait to dig in!