Some Fun Stuff and Some Chunky Stuff!

Christmas Eve is just one week away!  
I'm feeling a little bit of pressure to squeeze in all the Christmassing I can!  AND I still need to address and send my Christmas cards.  I could really benefit from having a personal assistant!
This is my parents house all lit up for Christmas!

 Last week I did some shopping at IKEA with my sister and Katie.  I think it's both of their favorite place!
 I got a couple of things for Katie right in front of her face! It's still easy to be sneaky with a 2 year old! 

Yesterday was pretty great! 
  One of the girls in my Sunday School class was in 'Twas the Night Before Christmas at a theater in Fort Worth. (she's the one in purple)
 So we all went to go see her.  It was such a cute show and we had so much fun!

Then I made it home just in time to hang out with the Golightly's girls for a Christmas party!  
Of course I just took pictures of Janet's house and none of the girls, whoops! 
 She just redid her kitchen. 

 I told her to pose with her cabinets. 
 She claimed she had no idea how to pose, but I think she looks like a pro!
 Her husband is super duper handy.  He made this awesome island.  Those are old picture frames on the doors and drawers!

Other house pics:

 So I had a good day yesterday, but Katie did not! 
She woke up sick!  I stayed home from church with her while Marcus went. Then we traded off and I went and gallivanted all around town, while he took care of a snotty baby.

Today she was much worse.  And it's pretty sad.  
I even gave her one of her Christmas presents early! 
It is perfect, because it's toys for the bath. And we spent LOTS of time in the tub today.  It was the only place she could breath! She is so stuffed up!
 You can see how swollen her poor little eyes are here.
All the congestion and coughing made her blow chunks today!  I know first hand that that term is extremely accurate
 Unfortunately the house throw up cleaner was gone today! So it was up to me! I will be honest, I kept thinking about the poor moms in Connecticut today.  They would give anything to be taking care of their babies.  So I found a way to be thankful for my baby and her barf! 

I keep praying for peace and comfort for the families and the town.  When I was home with Katie yesterday morning, I noticed that CBS was doing an awesome job of honoring the victims.  They showed pictures and told sweet stories.  The other channels were all talking about gun control.  I feel like there will be a time and place to talk about that, but not yet! Let's not make this tragedy a political battle too! That's my opinion, anyway. 

I'm so thankful to be celebrating Jesus's birthday and the promise of Heaven, one day! 


Brooke said...

That kitchen looks adorable!

So cute!

=) Brooke

Cristi Atchley said...

Totally cute pics! Even of sick lil' Katie! She's still cute even with red eyes!

And you are right on about the Sandy Hook tragedy! I'm a Texan with VERY strong opinions about guns... BUT... now is a time for mourning and not a time for political talk. All that can wait!

Enjoy the final week before the BIG day when Santa comes to visit!!!

Brooklynn said...

I totally agree. Time and place for that and this is not it. It makes me so angry, I want so much for those families to just have time to grieve and be with one another.

I felt the same way. Colbi was up ready to party last night at 2:45 and all I could think was, those mommies would gladly change places with me.

:-( so sad.....

Hope Katie feels better soon!!!! And that Mommy doesn't inherit the bug!

Bethany said...

I have had 2 sick babies here too! Sounds like the exact same thing! Hoping ours is out of the way and we will all be healthy for Christmas!