December Christmassy Happenings

We have had something going on almost everyday or night. I kind of love it. 

My niece is on the dance team at DBU. They always have the best Christmas show. This is the only picture I got, but aren't they cute? My niece is the extra cute one on the bottom right. 

 And we went to the Prairie Lights.
  Katie drove! 
She's really advanced for a 3 year old. 

Then she hopped in my lap for a little bit. 
The lights really are amazing. 

We went to my nephew's school. 
Which is also the school my mom retired from. 
Santa was visiting in a helicopter. So we had to check that out. 

It was a little misty, so it was a great excuse for Katie to wear her fire man rain boots! 
Somehow, I just got Santa's behind, but he was there! 

I also went to the Golightly's Christmas party! 
It's my favorite of the year!
Of course I didn't get a picture of any of the girls, but I took one of Janet's fun tree. 

I LOVE the light fixture coming out of it! 
I wouldn't make a great historian, but at least I'm getting bits and pieces of our life documented!


Christmas Home Tour

 I love, love, love Christmas time!
 I start looking forward to it in July.
And I really love to decorate for Christmas too. Sometimes I wish I had a team of elves helping me, but it's totally worth it! 

I have wanted a pink Christmas tree for ever! This year I found one on Craigslist for a really good deal. It makes me happy! 

It's in my pink dining room.

My Christmas cards. 
We got several more right after I took this picture. 
I haven't even gotten Katie's picture taken for our card yet! I need a time machine.

Love my dancing and singing Santa. He was a gift from my sister in law many years ago.

This is our first year with four stockings! 
(expecting a baby boy in April!) 
When we decide on a name, I will get them monogrammed.
 I like to stick random, non ornamenty things in my trees.

My kitchen is not the radio active color that it appears. It's an apple green in real life. 

It's not this blurry in real life either!

 I love having lights above my cabinets!

Now the bedrooms. 
This is the guest room. 

 I put the fireman tree in here. 
(my hubby's a fireman!)
My 3 year old's room.
 She loves the Christmas decorations as much as I do!

 And we really love our Little People Nativity:

The Master Bedroom:

It's always this clean, the bed's always made, and I don't usually have piles of laundry waiting for me!
wink wink

I put our wedding picture in the tree:

And my veil's the topper!
Thanks for coming over! 

I love Christmas trees and lights, gingerbread men, colorful wreathes, and Santa, but we are really celebrating Jesus's birthday in our home! So even if our house was nekkid, we would still be filled with JOY!

Merry Christmas!

Jennifer Rizzo or
Kelly's Korner to see more houses!


Katie's Christmas Program

 Katie had her Christmas program tonight at school!

This is her sweet friend, Harper.

 I love watching little kids sing. It made me a little teary. 
Maybe it's the hormones? 
Last year, Katie was a little bit apprehensive about singing on stage. So we told her that if she did, then she would get rewarded with a pink cake! (some call that a bribe, but I call it a reward!) Anyway, it worked and she did wonderful.

So this year, Katie was all excited to sing on stage, but she still assumed that we would be having pink cake after the show!

Fine by me, I love cake. 
My niece, Melissa, made the cutest cake ever!

We have our own little Cake Boss in the family!