Katie Belle turned 2 1/2 today!

The day started with "fuffins" and cartoons. 

If you live with me, then your half birthday gets celebrated! 
One birthday a year just isn't enough in my opinion!

Then we went to the mall to ride the Merry Go Round.  Katie has been asking to go back there for the last month! So today was the perfect day and it was $2 well spent.

 Then we had a yummy lunch at Sonic in the food court.
This was one of the days that I miss Marcus's fireman schedule.  Now that he's in paramedic school, his schedule is Monday through Friday. So he missed out on the festivities today.

 When he got home tonight, he made quesadillas for dinner, because that is one of Katie's favorites!
Then Little Debbie made her a cake!
 When I told her we could put a candle in it it,
 she said, "Really? Is it for Jesus?"  
She sang Happy Birthday to Jesus a few times last month, so she couldn't believe it was for her!  

This is the first time Katie and I met!
I love her, what it the hay just happened, face.

Katie is so fun right now and says the funniest and sweetest things. 
Yesterday she told me I was "just darlin'!" I don't know where she picked that up.
And whenever I go to the bathroom, she says, "good job mommy!"
She also tells me that I am cute and funny. 
I hope she still thinks all those things when she's 13.

Marcus and I were married almost 11 years before we had Katie! And we have had 2 miscarriages since she was born. So she has really proven to be a miracle baby! I kind of think all babies are miracles though.

I just want to give anyone dealing with infertility some hope! Nothing is impossible with God!

And I also want to encourage you to celebrate your half birthdays! You are getting 6 months older anyway, get some cake out of the deal

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