A Recipe and BUNCH of Other Stuff

 Don't you want to stick your face in this bowl?!
It's a brownie trifle. And it's super easy to make.  
Just layer brownies, chocolate pudding and cool whip.  Then do that 2 more times.  I use Duncan Hines family size brownie mix in a 9x13 pan, 2 packages of instant Jell-O pudding, and a big container of cool whip. 
 It's a perfect dessert to bring to someone's house or to make when you are having company. Everyone likes brownies right? If they don't, they shouldn't be coming to your house anyway, because they are completely nuts!

 We had my in-laws over for lunch after church yesterday.  We each take a turn cooking on Sundays, so we just have to do it once a month. 

Here's the chef:
 We had roast, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn, salad, carrots and rolls. YUM! 
Marcus takes his church shirt off as he is walking in the door! The poor boy can hardly handle "fancy" clothes. Good thing he's a fireman! 

Katie LOVES to entertain her cousins!  She and I stayed home from church yesterday, because she has a super stuffy nose. It's not good manners to put your snotty kid in the church nursery!

Last night we fired up the popcorn maker I got Marcus for Christmas.  It was so fun and so good! 
 Katie was patiently waiting for her popcorn.

We had lots of family time this weekend.  Friday night we celebrated my mother in law's birthday.  My niece made the awesome cake. 
 Do you notice someone's hand getting super close to the cake?

This is the cake maker, Melissa, with the birthday girl. The grand kids call her Annie.
 Can you tell that Katie is excited about the cake?
 I am thankful for such a sweet mother in law!  And I am thankful for the son she raised too!

Her other son, Marcus's brother, got her a BRAND NEW CAR!  Isn't that fun!?  I need to take a picture of it.  We got her new towels and some Bath and Body Works shower gel, soooo we are probably still the favorites!:)

OK, I am long winded today.  I think it's because I've had a bunch of tea.  So I am going to keep going. You can take a bathroom break if you need one. 

 The other day, Katie was so excited to show me the seahorse that she made:
 Katie: Mommy I made a seahorse!
Me: I love your imagination!
Katie: NO! It's a SEAHORSE!

I am barely on Facebook. I have about 60 friends and I like it that way. I mainly use it to keep up with the teenagers at church.  FB is almost too outdated for them though.  It's mainly for us old folks. 

Anyway, I was encouraged by this post from Lisa:

 I don't want Katie to ever think that emptying the dishwasher or doing laundry is more important than she is.  I can see how she might get that idea though! It's a balance.  Things have to get done, but I also need to take time for legos and play doh.

So that and the trifle recipe are my gifts to you today. You're welcome!


Michelle said...

That dessert looks delicious! I do something very similar with angel food cake and cherries/strawberries, but will need to try this soon!

Wendi said...

I know you don't have a clue who I am, but I always smile when I read your blog. It's so happy and fun. Thanks for the good read!

Giggles said...

Can I come eat some of that yummy dessert? It looks so good. Have a great week.

d said...

That looks so good. I've never made a trifle , maybe I need to try.

Hannah Fields said...

I make the same thing except I add heath bar pieces mmmmmmm :)

Miss G said...

FUN post! :)

Such a good point about our kiddos. Finding the balance is tricky sometimes but tonight before bed I played "train tracks" with my little guy and we had so much fun!

We have those same bristle blocks! I totally bought them out of nostalgia. David builds some really creative things too!

Your niece is so, so super talented!

I wish it worked out better for my extended family to do Sunday lunch together. We go to two different churches and the times don't sync up well at all and with young kids needing naps in two of the families we really just haven't done it yet.


Erin K said...

Yet another reason why I shouldn't clean. :)