Everything From Curtains to School

 Happy New Year plus a day. 
How has 2013 been for you so far?

My 2013 started off with new curtains in my dining room!  
I got them at Hobby Lobby, 50 % off.  So they were just $32 for the pair.  I love them!  They are a little bit sheer, so they might not work in a bedroom unless you line them.  I am rarely nekkid in my dining room, so it's OK!

 Katie misses the snow and keeps doing snow angels on the floor.  
I guess they can be called dust angels!

On New Year's Eve, my favorite Arkansas family came over for dinner.  They were in town for a second. 
 My friend Tori and her cute family.
I tried to get a pic of the 3 kids, but Katie was much more interested in her chocolate chip cookie!

Tori and I couldn't finish a conversation due to the kiddos, so we were going to hide in my room and chat.  Well, then all the kids followed us, so we left them in there with the dads and hid in the guest room...and locked the door! 
We talked a mile a minute and tried to cover all our topics in 15 minutes!
It was fun seeing them again!

Yesterday I spent most of the day packing up my Christmas stuff! It's always kind of sad for me!
Thankfully, I had a fun party to go to last night! My 10th grade Sunday School class got together and I crashed their party! 
 I love these girls!

And things are kind of crazy around here, because Marcus started paramedic school today!
   He's a fire fighter and EMT, but his department wants everyone to be paramedics too.  So, he is on a Monday - Friday schedule now, which is completely foreign to us! He will be in school until July.  Marcus hated school from the first day of kindergarten to his last day of college, so this is kind of a beating for him. Most firemen are not "sit behind a desk" kind of guys.  I am sure he will do great.  And it will be nice to have him home every night!

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mwimp said...

i luv ur curtains! and isn't it funny how when you get togather with one of your best girlfriends and wether u finish a sentence or not y'all completely understand one another?