Forever Lazy and Forever Friends

Yesterday we woke up to some surprise sleet and a teensy bit of snow! 
 It has been so cold here(for Texas), but I love it!
I keep taking extra showers in the day just to thaw out and warm up!
I feel like I NEED some of these Forever Lazy Pajamas.  Have you seen the infomercial?
They say you can wear them at a football game!?
I think I would just wear them in my house, but you just never know. I have worn some questionable things to Walmart before.

Right now they are buy one get one free!  So Marcus and I can be twins! He would be pretty cute in these. 
I feel like their marketing team failed a little bit on the name though. Forever Lazy? That's not very positive! How about Forever Cuddly or Forever Adorable?

Speaking of adorable...we celebrated my friend, Courtney's, birthday last night.

We went to Olive Garden, because none of our husbands ever want to go!
Michelle, Catherine, Anna

Paige, Me, Rene

We shut the place down and then went to Anna's house, because we weren't done chatting yet!
Surprise! Anna's Christmas tree is still up! 
 I was pretty excited!
Anna has 3 boys that are 6 and under, so there is no time or energy for things like taking down Christmas trees! 
Do you love that cow rug?  She just let me borrow a blue one and a regular cow colored one!  I will try to decorate with them and share about it soon!

And I also wanted to show you her fabulous kitchen table she painted!

I shared pictures of Anna's house here about 4 years ago.  It's a little different now, but the pictures are still fun!

I am off to do a little cow hide decorating and some online ordering!

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