Miss America

 Did you watch Miss America? 

I thought Miss Texas did amazing in the talent competition! 
I won't discuss some of the other less talented "talents", because I don't even know what my talent would be?

Coke drinker? Celebrity gossip knower? Super fast diaper changer?

Miss Texas's baton twirling was awesome!

And she goes to Texas Tech Law school.  
That makes me like her even more. Not the law school part, but the Texas Tech part! 

I don't want to brag, but I was quite the baton twirler back in the day:

Maybe I should dust off my batons and enter a pageant?!
And also lose 100 pounds, grow 6 inches, get a spray tan and go back in time 20 years. 
Never mind!

I did like the part of the Miss America Pageant when they passed around the donuts!
Donut eating could be my talent...Sadly!

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