My friend Anna, let me borrow 2 cow hide rugs that she is not using at the moment. 
 It's nice to have good friends with fun stuff!
 This cow is in my bedroom. I like her. She makes me feel skinny...and crave Chick fil A.

The other rug is blue! I sure would love to see a blue cow!
 That pesky patch of sun was not helpful during picture time.  
I bet a cat would really appreciate that patch!
I am not keeping the blue one, because it did not go with my turquoise mirrors.  
Although, in this picture it looks like they match perfectly.  In real life they don't.  And one of my New Year's resolutions was to add more turquoise to my house.  So the royal blue cow is moving on to greener pastures at my friend, Catherine's, house.  She thinks it will look good in her son's room.  I will MAKE her take some pics for us!

I really want to be the girl that has a blue cow hide rug in her house, but it's just not meant to be. Hopefully a turquoise cow will die of natural causes in my front yard! 

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Twinkle Terrior said...

Mrs Dina... I'm catching up on fav blogs today (like yours) LOVE how the sun shadows from your Criss-cross windows make shadows on the floor- sunshines so pretty 0x0x CZ