Rain Gear and History

 Yesterday, Katie was modeling her rain gear since the sky fell out. 
It's what Marcus would call a turd floater, but that's bad manners, so I won't say that. 
Boys are gross.
 Here she is yelling, "It's raining!"

My plan was stay at home in our PJs for most of the day since it was cold and rainy, but then I got cabin fever.  So we went to Golightly's!
 I thought it would be funny to take Katie's picture by the sign that says to keep your children with you.  Then I let her run around like a crazy person! Not really.

Marcus was really smart and sweet and put Sonic and McDonald's gift cards in my stocking for Christmas. They are to support my Coke habit. He kept seeing $1.08 charged on our debit card everyday and thought it was something I might need.  He was right.  So we went and got a drink too! A Coke can make my day. 
Is that sad?  
Or maybe it just means I appreciate the simple things in life?  
Or maybe it means I am addicted to sugar?

I know that nobody cares but my mom, but here are 2 pictures from the past. 

This one is from 2 years ago today:

And this one is from 1 year ago today. 
They are actually 2 of my favorites.  
And this last one really feels like I just took it a month ago.  
And it also makes me wish my nails were painted that same color right now!

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