Since I shared the picture that Marcus took of my super messy bathroom.  I had to redeem myself and show you my sparkling clean bathroom.  
Can you smell the bleach and Windex?
 It looks like this for a few minutes everyday, or almost everyday. 

 I also thought this would be a good opportunity to share the BEFORE picture of the bathroom. 
This is what it looked like when we bought the house.

We were on a budget since the whole house looked like the above picture. 
There was a lot of updating to do. 

So we just did a few minor things that made a major difference.
The walls are looking a little lavenderish, but they are gray.
  New light fixture and stamped concrete on the floors. I kept the same counter top and cabinets and just painted them. I also kept the mirrors. I distressed the cabinets, because bathroom cabinets get distressed on their own.  So at least now it's on purpose.

The mirror in the middle is made of an old ceiling tile.  Marcus made it for me for our 10th anniversary, because the traditional gift is tin or aluminum.  He's pretty creative!
 This bathroom is attached to the guest room.
 I still use it as my own bathroom, so I can get it messy and still stay happily married.

And for fun, I am going to show you a BEFORE picture of the guest room too:
 It's a nice reminder of how far we have come! 

And our house is celebrating 
it's 50th birthday this year!  
Happy Birthday House.  
I hope you  like your face lift!

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