Too Christmas or Too Cute?

 The other night when we went to Hobby Lobby, I got this wreath in the Christmas department. 
It was 80% off! 
I actually really wanted it before Christmas, but couldn't justify buying it.  I felt justified in paying just 20% though.

My plan was to use it next Christmas on my front door, but I kind of like it in my entry way.  Does it look Christmassy to you?  Some of the berries are a little glittery. I am thinking glitter can be for all year, right?
 You can kind of see my HL chevron curtains too.  I love them! 

I also got a plate stand for my Happy Everything plate.   
Marcus got me this one for Christmas.  He got me one for Christmas a few years ago, but it broke last year.  That was a sad day, so I am happy to have another one.
I don't think this is it's permanent home, but it seems safe up there. 
And nothing in my house is ever permanent.

And we packed up all the Christmas stuff on the 1st and put it up in the attic. And I just noticed these towels still out! 

 I also found a Christmas pillow in my room.  I didn't make my bed for a few days and it got forgotten.  

In other exciting news, The Bachelor starts again tonight!  I think Sean will make a nice, non-sleazy Bachelor, so it might be enjoyable to watch!  I usually have to watch that show with my finger ready on the fast forward button.  It can be cringe-worthy.  

And, hip hip hooray, school starts again tomorrow for Katie!  She will be missed, but I am hoping to be productive. And I am afraid that dropping Katie off at school will be like trying to put a cat in a bathtub. BUT, I need to think and talk positive, so it's going to be great!  And she will have a fun, happy, tear free day! Amen

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