Will You Accept This Rose? Or Taco?

So, The Bachelor was awkward last night...as usual!
I watched Kacie's scenes peeking through my fingers. 

I am so glad I am married and don't have to date anymore.  And I am really glad none of my single years were on national television...or Facebook. 
That's one advantage to being old. None of my shenanigans are documented! I will deny whatever you might have heard!  
And I think we all learned a lesson last night, to not be a gossiper or a tattle tale.  The Bachelor is educational!

 And I hope Days of Our Lives has called Tierra, because she would do awesome on that show!
Bachelor 2013: Did Tierra LiCausi Fake Her Fall to Get Time With Sean Lowe?
 The Bachelor is comical and awkward sometimes, but I still love it!  And I really like Sean. I'm the sucker that believes he will find true love and get married!

(Oh, and not to sound like a grandma, but the girls' dresses were so dang SHORT! Like they were so short that it wasn't flattering. And they could barley sit down without showing their bits and pieces!)

 My life is less dramatic, but it's still fun!
Tonight we went to Taco Tuesday with The Osbornes!

Katie and Charis. 
 This is Charis's CHEESE face! I love it! 
These girls were wild monkeys, and doing some WWE moves in the booth.
 I love that they love each other! 
 These twins are Katie's surrogate siblings! 

Courtney and Drew:
Drew was asleep in the booth for most of the meal!

After dinner, Marcus went to the Rodeo with one of his friends.  So Katie and I went to my parent's house.  We weren't ready for the fun to end!
This girl is silly!  She had us laughing so hard tonight! 

If she were to offer me a rose, I would totally accept it! 


Cristi Atchley said...

I LOST IT when I got to the part where you said "bits and pieces"!!! HI-larious and oh so true!!!

Jennifer said...

Have you ever read the blog "Pinterest told me to"? She lives in Dallas (I am pretty sure) and she is friend's with the Bachelor's sister. Here's her link: http://pinteresttoldmeto.blogspot.com

Mallorie said...

I seriously wish I could watch the Bachelor with you ;-) My hubby was home on Monday night (which NEVER happens!) and he was CRACKING ME UP. He does a great Sean impression ;-)

The bachelor is entertaining, that's for sure!

Anonymous said...

I love the Bachelor, too! It is so hard to watch those girls....