You've Got Mail!

 I have cleaned up my Christmas stuff, but my Christmas cards are still out!   
I love seeing all my cute friends and their cute families!
This year I attached them to a shutter in my entry way. 

This is our card:

My friend Morgan took these picture of Katie.  She is a super talented 11th grader from church.  I had her in my Sunday School class 2 years ago.  
 Katie warmed up to Morgan quickly, because she brought bubbles!  Smart girl!

 This is Katie's favorite picture!  
Everyday she comes to my computer and asks to see "Katie falling".  When I pull it up, she starts laughing hysterically!
 She was totally fine when she fell and I am the one that yelled at Morgan to take a picture! 
Mom of the year!

And Morgan just started a blog.  You can check it out here.
We are so thankful for these sweet moments she captured.

And I think I will leave my Christmas cards out for at least another couple of weeks!
Mostly because I enjoy them and partly because I am procrastinating!

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