I'm 38 today! 
 I love birthdays! 
Cake, presents, parties!  
Whats not to love?
 Marcus got me the cutest cake.  And it was so good too!

Nobody loves cake more than Miss Katie Belle!
 She was pretty excited about this part of the evening!

She has been so sweet to me all day and kept singing Happy Birthday!
 It was always Happy Birthday to Dina, not mommy! 

We are so fortunate to live close to our families.  And really fortunate that they like to hang out with each other.  So the in laws and the out laws were all here! 
 Jeddy, Marcus's parents, David, my mom, Ryan, Katie, Morgan, Darren, My sister Kelly.

My sister's husband and son:
Darren and Ryan

 Marcus's sister and her daughter:
 Pam and Melissa.

 My little family. 
The three amigos.

Marcus's brother, David, his wife, Lisa, and Jeddy:

The people that are responsible for my birth:
 More importantly, they are responsible for getting me a new phone for my birthday!  My poor phone was cracked up. It hung up when people would call or text. It was a real winner!  This new phone will be life changing!

And look what else I got!  Coke with $ attached!
 Yay for birthdays! I got lots of other fun things too. I have a very generous family!

I am disappointed in my increasing gray hairs. And I am starting to see wrinkles too. BUT, I refuse to complain about getting older! It's a privilege that some people don't get!  

Thank you God for another year! And Thank you God for chocolate cake! 


Nicole said...

Happy birthday, sweet friend! Only six more months until your half-birthday celebration!!!

Kacie said...

Happy birthday!! Glad it's been a great day!

sweethome4us said...

Happy birthday! And thank you God for hair dye ;)

Staci said...

Happiest of birthdays!! Coke and money? Sounds perfect!! I see shopping in your future!

Sandy said...

Happy Birthday, Dina! You had such a nice day with all your family. You are a lucky lady!

Erin K said...

Looks like you had a great party! And I agree. Growing old is better than the alternative.

Leslie said...

Happy birthday!

Jamie Pennington said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DINA! I came across your blog from blessings and beyond! I too have a blog to keep peps updated on my health. It is www.penningtontree.blogpost.com
Love from ILLINOIS
Jamie Pennington

Giggles said...

Happy Birthday!!!

Ann Marie Queen said...

Happy Birthday!!

Jennie said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Looks like you had a great day filled with lots and family and sugar!! PERFECT! =)

Susan Brown Holland said...

Happy belated Birthday Dina! So glad you had such a fun day with your prcious family! You are more than blessed to have them all so close! Hope to see you soon!

Mandi said...

Happy Birthday Dina!

Ellen said...

Happy Birthday!

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday! What a great cake.
Have a Blessed Year!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday (a little late ) ! I'm glad you had such a good day.

I will be 36 in June and I'm getting grey streaks. Bye, bye plucking and hello Miss Clairol :).


Frugal Jen said...

Happy Belated Birthday!