Decorating 101: Part 2

 I'm talking about decorating again!  Remember, all these opinions are from a non-professional, do things cheap, kind of girl.  
You can see Part 1 here

I think putting things in a group makes a bigger impact.
 Instead of hanging one lonely cross on the wall, hang a bunch!
I try to hang things in odd numbers.
This is the guest room in our last house.

This is  teenagers room I helped decorate:
Hobby Lobby always has great crosses and they can be painted or embellished to make them look different.

Mirrors are great to hang in a  group:
Again, this is from our last house.

Here are the mirrors now in our current home.   
And no, you don't need glasses, this picture is blurry. You get the idea though. There is one plate mixed in with the mirrors, but it's cream, so it goes.

And all our W's. 
 I used to have them scattered around, but they look much better together.
This is in our guest bathroom.
Someone once thought we had a thing for George W. Bush, but our last name starts with W.  I do think George is darling though. ( I know I just ticked off lots of people!) I think the Obama girls are darling too, K?

And here's Katie Belle's wall!
These pictures are outside her room in the hallway. 
I tried to keep it cohesive with using red and black.  The exception is her purple hand print, but that's OK, because it's an adorable hand print!

All the dog pictures are together:

I also found some ideas on Pinterest. 
Imagine that! 

One thing I do collect is white pitchers.  I especially love the old ironstone ones with oodles of crazing and character.  But I have to find them cheap, which means being in the right place at the right time.  I can't justify dropping retail prices on these beauties. :) 
 I think spray paint is one of God's greatest inventions. 
You can make a big impact using all the same color. One coral frame with a lonely shell, would be nice, but this is a "WOW" wall.
Use color daringly, like designer @Tobi Fairley did here with a collection of citrus-y frames.     #decorating #color

I love the silver trays:
Silver-Tray Display  I love this idea, but I will have to expand my collection of silver trays for an impressive display. 

You can also go to Pinterest and look up Gallery Walls.  You will be glued to your computer for an hour getting ideas. 

I feel like These looks are homey without feeling cluttered.  If you put similar things or colors together, it just works.

And I just drew the winner for the giveaway.   I had the computer randomly do it, because I could NEVER choose.  I want to mail all of you gifts!

The winner is Autumn from It's Our Life!


911 MOMMY said...

Oh my goodness! Are you serious? I've never won anything in my life. I am crying Dina! You just made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

Dina said...

I need your email address!!

the undomesticated wife said...

I just love your dog corner! They are such a big part of the family, yes? I know mine are! :)

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Your all walls are very well decorated with pictures frames. I like the most your second last picture. Decoration of your wall, your table color... almost everything is eye catching.

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