Dot Mom!

 I had a fun weekend at Dot Mom with these girls!
It was a Christian Mom's conference put on by Lifeway.  That sounds like crazy good time, right?
 Courtney, Pam, Laura

 Courtney was cracking me up talking about her zit! 
 She thought they might charge an extra ticket for it to get in!  You didn't even notice it!  This is her trying to cover it up in our picture!
 Our first session at Dot Mom was with Angie Smith.  It was fantastic! I needed to hear every word she said. 
We also got to pick different break out sessions to go to.  We picked one about intentional parenting and then Courtney and I went to one about raising girls.  It was eye opening and made me a little nervous for the teenage years. Did you know that girls' brains can kind of short circuit during early puberty years, because it's growing so much?  It causes memory loss and self esteem issues.  My brain totally did that! I am afraid that Katie will be going through puberty while I am going through menopause.  Our brains might totally explode.  
Or Maybe Marcus's will?

Our next very important session was at Smash Burger!  
We were starving from all that learning!
Laura and Pam

 It was so good.
 Me and Courtney and her zit. Just kidding! You can't even see it!

Boo Mama (Sophie) and Big Mama (Melanie) were there as the emcees. Of course they were hilarious!  Melanie just wrote a book called, Sparkly Green Earrings. It's about Motherhood. 

Laura and I got her to sign our books.
 Laura and Melanie are both gaggy aggies.  So Laura had her sign her book "Howdy, Gig 'Em, Whoop!" I had none of that! Melanie was so sweet and gracious. Her book is on the NY Times Best Seller list now!I can't wait to read the book.  I almost NEVER read books.  I know how, I just choose to watch stuff like The Bachelor instead.  I am an intellectual like that!

My friend, Pam, lives super close to where the conference was, so we got to stay at her beautiful house. We immediately got in our pjs Friday night.
 Julie, Courtney, Michelle, Me (with no make up, sorry) and Laura. 

We had such a fun night and didn't go to sleep until about 3:30 AM!  That was a poor decision, but totally worth it.  I had to ice my eyes the next morning, because they were so swollen.  I was not looking so cute on Saturday!

But speaking of cute...Kelly and I got to meet up at the conference!
 She obviously got more sleep than I did on Friday night! 
Kelly is just as sweet and personable in person as she is on your computer. It was a joy to meet her!

Vicki Courtney and Priscilla Shirer spoke on Saturday and they were amazing as well!
 It was a fun and encouraging weekend!  I was asleep before 10:00 last night.  I can't remember the last time that has happened.

I couldn't wait to see Marcus and Katie.  I learned so much about parenting and I couldn't wait to apply it and be such a positive happy mom!  Then about 2 hours after I got home I told Marcus, "She's driving me crazy!" (for the record, Katie was being super disobedient!) I guess I need time for everything to sink in, huh? 
In September, There's another Dot Mom in Chatanooga.  I am thinking I probably should go!


Giggles said...

gaggy Aggies????? Oh, my heart is broken. . . . .I am not sure I can be a stalker of your blog any longer. . . .even though your married name is the same as my maiden. OH the heartbreak!!!!!!

Jennie said...

You got to meet Kelly Stamps!?!?!?!? JEALOUS!!! I would love to meet both of you!! :)

Anonymous said...

Chattanooga...close to me! :)

d said...

Looks like you had so much fun! I've thought about going to dot mom, maybe I'll have to give it a try.

BoyMom said...

Hi new buddy! Remember that nut job who interrupted your restroom break just to ask about Ms. Katie? Gosh, she was strange. Well, she just noticed some fried pickles in your pictures and now she's craving their goodness!!!
Such a fun weekend and so glad to have met you! :)

Dina said...

So great to meet you too Tiffany! And those are Pam's fried pickles, you can blame her!

amberdawn said...

I so wish I had known about this conference! :( Oh well, I'm glad y'all got to go!

amanda said...

I just gasped when I saw the picture of you with Kelly. The two of you are my favorite bloggers!! I have read your blogs for years. I think of you in bad weather, pray for you during hard times, and I have thanked God for Jeddy saving Katie. Thanks for making an awesome blog and being an
awesome person to enjoy reading. :)

Dina said...

Thanks Amanda! That is so sweet of you! I appreciate all the prayers so much!