Family, The Weekend, and A Miracle

My Aunt Carol was in town last week from Tennessee! It was fun having her here!
 My mom, Katie and my aunt.  
My mom made that cute scarf for my aunt and I got one too!  I was glad it got cold again this week, so I can wear it!

 My parents have a guest bathroom that faces the back of the house.  My dad used to have a shed blocking the window. My mom has been asking him for years to move it, because they back up to acreage and the view reminded her of her uncle's farm. So he moved it, since Aunt Carol was going to be here, and told her to check out the view.  She opened the blinds and this is what she saw:

 He's a crafty little thing.  I have no doubt he stayed up all night and worked on that! 

On Saturday, I mailed the giveaway package to the lucky winner, Autumn! These are her custom note cards that my friend Catherine made. She has lots of styles. You should check them out. And she does about a million other things too!

Now for the miracle story! 
We took these pictures this weekend for my sister in law, Lisa, and my nephew, Jeddy.
 Katie owed them a big Thank You for saving her life! 
For real!
 Marcus took Katie to his brother's house on Thursday afternoon.(I am just now telling the story, because it has taken me a few days to process everything and not cry!) He lives on 5 acres, so Katie LOVES to go there and play.  She was with Marcus and his brother, then went with Jeddy, then went with Lisa, and then kept bouncing around between people.  Marcus kept tabs on her and made sure someone had her.  But at one point NO ONE had her 
Lisa said, "Where's Katie?"
 and they all started looking! It's 5 acres! There's a pond, a pool a barn and a giant garage, plus a million other places to go! Jeddy said he felt the Holy Spirit tell him to look in the pool! (you know that voice in your head that tells you stuff?!) Sure enough, he saw the top of her head in the pool! He yelled, "She's in the pool!" and he and Lisa both ran and jumped in and got her! Thank you God! Lisa said Katie took a big breath when she pulled her out.  So thankfully, Katie was holding her breath. She didn't cough up any water at all! It's a miracle.  I know stories like that end in tragedy all the time.  We are so thankful God protected her and that Jeddy followed his instincts.  Katie has been kissed and hugged a million times since then!

When Marcus and Katie were pulling out of the garage to go to their house, I prayed, God please protect them. I am so glad I did, and I am so glad HE did!
 Katie and her hero, Jeddy! He is so sweet to her! 

We were back and David and Lisa's yesterday for our Sunday Lunch. She had everything decorated so cute!

Lisa and Jeddy:
 Lunch was great and nobody went swimming! 
Swimming lessons are #1 on our TO DO list this summer!
Today we went to the Library, FOR THE FIRST TIME!  
They have a toddler story time and Katie loved it. Her BFFs were there too!  
 Charis and Katie happened to both have on leopard legs and boots!
 We just checked out some movies instead of books. I feel too afraid that a book might get ruined or lost! And I don't feel like I would do good in library jail. 

Here's our line up:
Katie has been in Love with Little Einsteins lately.  And since she has a lisp it's really cute when she says Little Einsteins too! Little Bear is always fun and I have a thing for Snoopy, so I picked that one out! 

Movies are nice and safe, and you can't drown in them! 
We are looking forward to Valentine's Day, are you?


Brooklynn said...

Oh my goodness Dina! So glad she is okay! Answered prayers are just amazing aren't they? I understand the need to process it all.......I worry all the time something like that will happen with me not being around.

I am looking forward to Valentine's day, although, I will be spending mine at work. HA!

Unknown said...

Oh gosh, what a miracle, makes me tear up just thinking about it. So glad God is GOOD!

the undomesticated wife said...

I would have flipped out! How scary. Very glad all is well.

Your dad is funny!

Nicole said...

Oh, my heart about stopped when I read that. My gosh, Dina ... praise God for his loving protection, and the instinct of Jeddy to following the Spirit's prompting!!!

Ellen said...

Thank God for heroes and that Katie is okay!

Hannah Fields said...

Thanking God with you that Katie is okay! Never underestimate the power of your prayers for your children. There is nothing more powerful than a praying mama. I think it is awesome that her cousin will be her forever hero :)

Staci said...

I think I held my breath the entire time I read about Katie! And I'm pretty sure my heart stopped for a second. I am so thankful Katie is ok. What a smart cousin she has! Being a momma is not for the faint of heart!

Kimberley said...

seriously, my heart rate increased big time while reading that! thank you god for watching over katie!

Leslie said...

How scary for you and everyone involved. God is really watching over us. I'm so thankful your little Katie is safe!

Miss G said...

Oh wow! How scary! I pulled an 18 month old out of a pool this summer and it scared me to death. I know God was working in the timing and me being right there and being able to just do it. I could not stop shaking!

I am soo thankful that Jeddy listened to the Holy Spirit. What a special young man! Kelly

Anonymous said...

Dina, that is terrifying. Way to go, Jeddy and way to go, God!

d said...

I am so glad Katie is fine-I can only imagine how all of you felt. I got teary eyed reading it.
It seems like your dad has a great sense of humor-fun!!!!

Erin K said...

How scary!!!! I'm so glad she was found, safe and sound. Swimming lessons, stat! :)Love Lisa's kitchen!

TressaMOMof3 said...

That made me tear up!! I am SO glad she is ok, and God kept her safe!! God Bless you!

Dirt Princess said...

GOD BLESS YOU!!! I cant imagine how terrible that was. I have a 3 week old baby (my first) and i couldn't imagine. Praise Jesus that she was safe and protected by her guardian angels

O Mom said...

thank you jesus for saving Katie. I have real tears reading this. Last week at my 9year old's school, a boy dropped his backpack getting off the bus. Another boy saw a knife fall out of it and ran and told his teacher.They searched the boy's backpack and also found a gun and ammo. and a note of who he wanted to hurt. I have no doubt in my mind that God was there that morning and caused that backpack to drop. Such a reminder to pray daily for our childrens protection.

911 MOMMY said...

Praise the Lord Katie is ok! And thankful her cousin was such a smart thinker. God was with them both, no doubt about it. What a reminder that we all need to pray for our children.
Love the cards! They are beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on that package lol!
I remember library storytime lots of fun! And we usually just do movies too. Bur since Sydney is reading everything possible these days I think that is fixin ' to change.

Gray Cardigan said...

Wow! What a story!! So glad that she is OK and that your nephew heard the message!

I have goosebumps!!


Dixie said...

Oh my goodness!!! Sweet Katie, I will have to hug that girl next time I see you guys. So glad Jeddy heard the Holy Spirit! God is so gracious! Love you guys

Unknown said...

Dina!!! I am just now reading this...I am in tears. I am so thankful that God protected Katie. I will have to hug her tomorrow when I see her!!


Frugal Jen said...

How scary!!! So glad little Katie is ok. It was absolutely the holy spirit.

I've got the best lady near you that teaches swimming lessons. I'll email you her info.

Erin said...

So scary! Thank God she's okay. I have a miracle story involving my daughter (and a very large bull mastiff dog) too. Long story short: She survived because of her great-aunts bravery (she laid on top of my daughter to stop the attack) and her guardian angel. I thank God every day that she is alive and avoided any life-changing injuries. Scariest day of my life!