Favorite Things Friday!

Here a few of my favorite things right now!

Donut Friday! 
 It's back and better than ever!  We skipped it the last 2 weeks, but it was time to visit the donut lady! 

 Even though I partook in some donuts today, I am still trying to lessen my sugar intake.  

So instead of drinking a delicious Coke everyday, I have switched to unsweet tea with lemon.  
 I think unsweet tea tastes like dirt.  I have NEVER been a tea drinker.  But it's time to make a few changes.  So I get unsweet tea and put Stevia in it.  Even though I am not a health nut, I know that artificial sweeteners will kill you.  So I use this:
 It's all natural and it makes my tea nice and sweet! 
And I haven't totally given up Coke, that would be ridiculous! 

Another favorite thing is this sign I just got in the mail! 
 Katie calls our house "Home Sweet Home" or "The Lellow House" (They didn't have a sign for that!)
A blog reader, Tara, told me about a sale at JoniKeithCo.  They had a cute cherry picture she thought I would like.  I loved it, but there is no more room in my kitchen, but I found this cutie instead.  They are having another sale today!  50% off til midnight.  www.JoniKeithCo.com.  Just enter JoniKeith at checkout! 

 Another favorite is this Idol Lash.  My mom gave it to me for Christmas.  I am starting to see my lashes growing!  And I used to be addicted to my eye lash curler, but I notice that my lashes are kind of starting to curl on their own.

 These are my 2 very favorite things.
 Marcus is pooped from paramedic school, but we are so glad he will be home all weekend! I miss his fireman schedule, but it's nice to have him home every night!

Have a great weekend!


Sheila said...

I feel your Coke withdrawl pains, girl! I used to have 4-6 a day and knew I shouldn't. Last spring, I knew I had to cut waayyy back. I still have to have one in the morning when I get up, but I've been doing the Lipton Green tea citrus flavor. I found it in bags so no sugar, and I brew up two batches in my tea maker. I can drink it without sweetener, so I'm all good. Most days, though, I have to have another Coke when I get home from work. I would rather have a good icy Coke than sweets and I just won't do diet. Maybe if I think about how strong you are, I will have a little more willpower!

Erin K said...

Katie looks so happy donut Friday is back! And that sign is super cute. I'm heading to their website right now. And thanks for the tip on the lashes. Mine are not very long and I too am an eyelash curler addict.

Angie said...

Also just started to wean myself off of coke. Specifically Sonic Cherry Vanilla Cokes. I have switched to lightly sweetened tea while I make the transition. I honestly think about coke all the time though!

the undomesticated wife said...

I haven't tried Stevia yet. I can tell you that too much aspertame makes me get horrible headaches! So I try to stay away from that stuff.

Miss G said...

Good for you!! I wish I had a really good less sugar success story to share but I don't really at the moment. Well actually I guess I do. On our crazy one day trip to Dallas I did not get a Bahama Bucks snowcone, I did not get a donut for breakfast (I had a breakfast burrito from Market Street instead) and Sunday afternoon when I was hungry I got tacos from Rosa's instead of indulging in a sweet. I had just already forgotten. :) Kelly