Favorite Things Friday...except it's Thursday

 I love when I get together with my girlfriends and I learn about all kinds of new stuff that I would never hear about otherwise.  Beauty products they use, cleaning stuff, kid's things, etc...

So, weekly, I am going to share some of my favorite things at the moment and hopefully some of my friends' favorite things too! 

For awhile now, one of my favorite things has been my Swiffer Wet Jet.  We have almost no carpet in our house. So it needs lots of mopping! I use this on my wood floors and tile. I buy all the refills at Sam's, so it's pretty reasonable.  More reasonable than lugging a bucket around or running to the sink every 2 seconds!

 I already told you about my green Target flats the other day, but I actually wore them ALL day yesterday.  They are so comfy! So they officially get my seal of approval.

My friend, Laura, got me a gift card to Ulta, for my birthday. That was so fun to spend! 
I got this lip gloss that I had never heard of before. The brand is Prestige. And the color is tender pink.  It's great by itself or on top of a lip color. 

And I think I am the last one on the Scentsy bandwagon, but I am loving Sticky Cinnamon Bun!
I might need to find a more springy scent soon. Anyway, when you live with a fireman, it's frowned upon to leave candles burning.  So this stuff is great.  I got my warmer at Hobby Lobby, because it was so much cheaper and gets the job done.  I know Scentsy girls are having a fit right now!  If you ARE a seller of Scentsy, leave your info in the comments, so people can order from you if they want!

You can see my last set of Favorites here.

When I was trying to come up with my favorites tonight, I asked Marcus what are some things I use all the time. I just needed my brain to have a jump start. 
 Do you know what he came up with?  
 Spanx and Jolene.  
(that's facial hair bleach, for those of you that are fortunate enough not to need it!)  
I blame my Italian ancestors!
Way to sell a sister out Marcus!


Michelle said...

YEP! This Scentsy girl just had a fit! :)
I'm in the Houston area.
I use Swiffer wet jet and love it!
Those little green shoes, I must get! Super cute!
I died laughing about what Marcus said!

Brittany said...

Get the Sweet Pea Vanilla for your Scentsy. I'm obsessed! Also I love my swiffer wet jet too, got it for a weeding gift 7 years ago. I've never owned a regular mop.

Staci said...

I really hope they still have those green shoes this weekend! Need. And need a green bubble necklace to go with them. Let me know if one shows up at Golightly's.

Unknown said...

Just a trick... if you boil water on the stove, stick the top of the Swiffer refill in the water for about a min, the top will screw off and you can refill with cheaper cleaner! Another blog friend shared that on her site, and now I never buy refills! It's great!

Cortney K. said...

Dare I admit I love Spanx too? I always wear them under my dresses! Best invention ever!

Anonymous said...

This local Scentsy girl would love to let anybody check out the new GREAT spring scents! Some of them are amazing!!!!


Erin K said...

LOL! I love how you and Marcus keep it real! Did not know what Jolene is but I wax periodically, so maybe that's why. Plus, I'm Scandinavian/via England and not Italian. Trust me. You get the better end of the stick....much better food ancestry wise. I want those shoes. I always need comfy shoes and I stand a ton! You've proven that they can withstand all day. Not sure if my chiro would approve but she has to love that they're flats! And love the lip gloss. I'm the world's worst at Ulta. Once I get a 20%off coupon total purchase, I'm like a kid in a candy shop. And I have a strange addiction to lip products, even though my lips aren't my best feature....

Dina said...

I love hearing about what products people like! Those green shoes are so cute and may match my new earrings. :) I actually don't know what scentys are...

Jennifer said...

Love Scentsy!! The Warner's are super duper cute. The big difference between the HL ones and Scentsy are the bulbs. Low wattage makes scent last longer and dispenses evenly
, I think. Cute green shoes!!

Jennifer said...

I LOVE those green flats!!! Super cute and a bubble necklace would be cute with them, I agree!
I am a Scentsy girl too, just signed up recently because I purchased a warmer and some bars from a fundraiser for school. I am in love with Scentsy!
My blog is http://www.stylishscents.blogspot.com or jenniferwooten.scentsy.us

Thanks! :)