Lovey Dovey

 Did you have a happy Valentine's Day?  
I know it's a day that can be a bummer for some people, and I am sorry for that.

I am a sucker for any holiday and I like to celebrate. 
When Katie and I woke up ( long after Marcus left for work) we both had flowers and home made cards waiting for us!
Katie's flowers:
 And I got pretty roses:
 I didn't even get a picture of my Valentine!  
He was sweet to let me have my Sunday School class over for a party.
 We fed them pizza and chocolate! 
I didn't want any of them to fret about not having plans on Valentine's Day!
 They are so much fun and we loved having them here!

Marcus and I are going to celebrate all by ourselves tomorrow night! I can't wait. 
 I am a pro with stretching out holidays and birthdays!


Erin K said...

Katie's outfit is adorable! She looks precious in it! And how sweet is Marcus?? You've got one great guy! I'm with you. I'm a sucker for any holiday.

Erica said...

Total sucker for every holiday! Love celebrating!!
You're sweet to (help) make your HS girls feel special!