To Market We Go

 I went to The Dallas Market today!
 I had lots of interest in the green earrings I had for sale the other day.  I was sold out and my supplier was too! They called me yesterday and just got a shipment of 12 in.  So I got ALL of them!

 I had to bring Katie with me, so I brought my mom too, for back up!

 Katie did great and we kept her supplied with snacks! 

And look at the showroom I found!  BOWS! I used restraint and just bought 3!

 Here are the SUPER popular earrings!
You can see them on my blog post here, next to the Stella and Dot earrings.

 These are $25. I don't ever spend $25 on earrings, but these are totally worth it.  They are a real stone and not just plastic.  And for the record, I have a collection of plastic jewelry I am quite fond of! 

They are half the price of the S&D earrings. 
I LOVE this color with almost everything.

I also got 3 of these necklaces while I was there too. 
  They match the earrings perfectly. 
 The necklace is $39
 They are both made in the USA too!  That almost never happens anymore! 

I put the necklace on for you (in my dirty mirror) so you could see it on.
You can make this necklace any length, because of all the links on the chain. 
Love it!

I promise that my blog is not going to be a place where I hock jewelry all the time.  I just got LOTS and LOTS of emails about the earrings.  So I have 10 0 available right now and 3 0 necklaces!

Shipping is $3 for each person. 

If you want something, leave a comment with your email, and I will send you a pay pal invoice.  I can ship everything tomorrow!


Jennifer Z. said...

If there are any more available, I'd love a pair of the earrings! jenzie@gmail.com

Micah said...

Can I get a pair of the earrings? I had the S&D ones and I can't find th anywhere! I've torn my house upside down looking for them. I love them, though, so these will be a good replacement.


Dina said...

Hi. I would love the earrings! dbqoe@cfl.rr.com

Dina said...

Sorry I forgot to comment on "our" name! It is unusual for people to spell it that way. :)

Deep South Sweets said...

I would love a necklace and earrings if still available. rreiboldt@gmail.com

Unknown said...

Hi Dina!

I would love the earrings and the necklace!!

My email is tmr1110@gmail.com.


Anonymous said...

I would love a pair of earrings! My email is bobbyandmargaret@aol.com.

Team Seghs said...

It's harpers mama. I can bring cash tomorrow for the necklace. Do I need the earrings too?

Dina said...

I can bring them to school tomorrow and you can check out the earrings! They are really cute!

Anonymous said...

I would love a pair if you have any left! Jyoung7200@aol.com

Staci said...

Let me know if there's any earrings left. Too may comments to tell!

Staci said...

And take me with you next time!! I'll be happy to babysit miss Katie while mommy shops!

Anonymous said...

I would love a pair of the earrings. cbrooks58@yahoo.com. Thanks!

Brandi said...

Do you still have the earrings??? If so, I would like a pair...thanks!! Brandi

Kristina said...

Would you mind sharing the showroom where these came from? I'm headed to market with my mother-in-law in just a week or so, and would LOVE to find them!

Kate Craig said...

what is this place??? We just moved to Shreveport so we hope to visit Dallas soon

txmom24 said...

Darn, it looks like I missed out on the earrings again. If you still have a pair, please, please email me.

Thank you!!


3jays said...

The earrings are gone again, sad face!!! They are sooo cute, Guess I'll keep checking for you to get more (are planning to get more, right)LOL.

Anonymous said...

I would love to get in line for a pair of earrings, or necklace; just in case someone backs out! You are so sweet to shop for us, Dina!!