Weekend Fun!

 Did you get a long weekend?  I love celebrating those Presidents!  
Marcus was off from paramedic school yesterday!  It was nice to hang out. We went to story time at the Library, the phone store and lunch. Those were the kind of days we had when he was on his regular fireman schedule.  The good ol days! He will be done in July and it can't come soon enough!

Katie and I have been celebrating Donut Friday by ourselves.

I hesitated to show this picture, because you might be able to tell we are at Sonic.  First we got donuts and then drove into Sonic for a Coke. 
Breakfast of Champions!

 My sister is starting an Etsy site soon to sell her cute bunnies:
 She wanted a picture of Katie and her bunny to show the scale.  Katie LOVES her bunny.  They are the perfect baby gift, because there is nothing to choke on. And they are super cute.
 I will share her site when it's up and ready. 

I don't have any pictures of my poor husband from the weekend.  We did get to go out to eat all by ourselves for a belated Valentine's dinner on Saturday.  Then we went to Walmart! Romantic huh?

After Sunday lunch, the cousins made a fort.  
Katie is SO proud of herself.  I am sure she had nothing to do with it.  She did grab a few things from around the house to "decorate" her fort though.  Like mother, like daughter!

Then a tornado hit.  So sad! 

I am sure you already have it marked on your calendar, but tomorrow is my birthday!  
Woo hoo!  
I got to go out with some friends for dinner last night.  I am sure our waiter was at home and in bed before we left the restaurant.  We were there nearly 4 hours! Fun times! 
 Anna, Paige, Courtney, Me, Laura
All my friends look like they could be in the Miss Texas pageant.  I bet they don't eat donuts and Coke for breakfast! 
Don't you love Paige's jacket?! She always has super cute accessories! Katie saw Ellen Degeneres on TV the other day 
and said,  "There's Miss Paige!" 
Paige didn't really appreciate that! 

Today I got my hair cut and colored.  I always do that right before my birthday to cover up those pesky grays! On my way home I stopped at The Dallas World Trade Center and picked up some cute jewelry.  I will try to post some tonight to sell before I bring it up to Golightly's

I LOVE these watches!  They are a fun take on the Michael Kor's boyfriend watch. 
 I might have to watch The Bachelor special before I post the jewelry. I've got priorities people!


Unknown said...

I am watching Bachelor right now, I love the watches and think I need a pink one. ALSO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! I know how much you love birthdays so I hope it is the most fun day ever.


Leslie said...

Happy Birthday! Mine was Sunday - February is a month for great people. ;) I'm getting read for the Bachelor - I had to let everyone go to bed so I wouldn't be interrupted.

Tracy said...

Happy Birthday!! Blessing through out the year to you!!

911 MOMMY said...

Happy birthday!! Hope it was great!!